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Generate 6 Figures in 6 Steps

By Guest Blogger on Jun 08 2012 • Filed under Money

Generate a 6-Figure Income with These 6 Components (Photo: Mike Johnson)Before I achieved my success I had to hit rock bottom; emotionally, physically and financially. It’s a long boring story and I am no longer attached to telling it, but for the sake of setting up this article you need to know I was VERY low. Very low as in living off of credit cards, completely without income, and dealing physically with some very serious health concerns. When I say I was low I was LOW. 

Being true to who I was created to be I knew there was a better way. I embraced the fact that I was created to be a teacher and having my own business was not something I was going to give up on. I was determined to find the exact combination of tools to help me design my financially secure business and sure enough I did it!
I am a very practical thinker. I have taken a lot of time to create a VERY SIMPLISTIC approach to life and that includes running my business. I am the kind of person who gets easily distracted and I often find my creative mind wandering to the next level of possibilities. In order to move my business up I had to find a way to boil my success down and make it very simple not only for me to grasp but so that I could also teach my clients how to achieve the success I have. 
Here are the 6 components YOU MUST HAVE to create financial success.
A VERY clearly defined niche
In order to understand exactly who you are serving you must first have a clear understanding of the uniqueness of what you actually do. I call it your Unique Idea; that one thing that lets you stand out from others. To find your Unique Idea begin by asking yourself, “I’m in the business of what?” This is the place to get really honest about what you do for your clients. No fluffy words, no esoteric concepts. Down and dirty hard core what you do. Use this as a fill in the blank, “I am in the business of ________.” 
The second part to defining your Unique Idea is what gets to happen for your client as a result of your Unique Idea. “Once you uncover your money block, reveal your true self, shift your mindset…[insert the RESULTS of your work that your client will get to experience]."
Remember this is FOR YOU ONLY. This is your inner work to help you get crystal clear on what you do and the results you can offer your clients.
A structured business model that promotes exclusivity
This is a very detailed approach to creating connection. Exclusivity is appealing to all people. It really creates a unique bond between you and your client/customer. In the simplest terms to create this you want to offer privileges to those who are ready for it. In order to be “ready” they must have worked with you to earn the exclusivity. They earn your one on one time which is extremely valuable! 
A model that puts your one-on-one clients as your highest source of income
Everyone wants to feel valued and special. I think it is so important to create programs that make your clients feel that way. You want have different price points and different services for variety of levels clients work with you. An example might be; they sign up for your free teleconference and off of that they join a mini online membership offering at a small investment. Next, you might offer group coaching at a higher paying level and finally a platinum level approach to working with you at a premium. ** Bonus Tip** Clients BUY results! Make share to highlight your results in all your programs! 
ALWAYS get in writing what people experienced when they decided to work with you! Their words are powerful in print. You can’t over use testimonials! Everyone wants to know about the life altering results you gave your clients. 
A VERY SIMPLE system that takes your clients from casual, to connected to committed
Every interaction is an opportunity to form a relationship. Before people work with you they have to get to know you and what you stand for. Think in terms of a new friendship and how you like to warm up to get to know someone. A casual user might just get your free e-zine, a connected user might download your freebies, but a committed user will PAY you for your services. Find ways to nurture you potential clients and clients and you will never be at a loss for people to serve. You can even come up with a unique name to promote the continuum that your clients will experience, as you grow closer. Be creative. 
A 6 figure mindset
In its simplest form, if you can think it you can be it! Here are a few tips to help you shift your mindset. Become independent of the opinions of others. Stand strong in what you believe in regardless of what others think. Get out of the habit of comparing yourself to others. Identify three to five unique qualities that you bring to your clients and practice them over and over in your head.
Be committed to becoming a decisive person. Turn your thoughts to what scares you and that’s what you MOVE ON! Dragging your feet and not deciding is not a mindset that will propel you into your greatness. 
There you have it, my recipe that I personally use to create financial freedom. 
Here’s to Your Success!

Veronica Drake is an International Women’s Business Coach, also known as the Simplicity Coach. She specializes in working with spiritually inspired women entrepreneurs who desire to simplify and improve the quality of their businesses while being uniquely themselves. Veronica's website is:

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