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How Do You Start Your Work Day?

By Cathy Kuzel on May 29 2012 • Filed under The Connected Woman

How do you start your business day? (Photo: Billy Alexander) You’re up, you’re out and whether it’s the 30-second commute to the home office or the bus ride into town, you’re at work. What’s the first thing you do when you start your day? Literally.

Is it the coffee ‘ritual’? I know for me it is. (I have a sign in my office that states “I haven’t had my coffee yet – don’t make me kill you.”) Most people then boot up their computer and download all their emails and while that’s happening, check their Facebook page – comment or ‘like’ a post and then see if anyone ‘mentioned’ them on Twitter. Retweet anyone?

Now that the emails are in, as soon as you open the first one you are sucked into that black hole of time and next thing you know, it’s noon. (or later!)

Anyone who has attended a conference or seminar knows how low their energy is after lunch. Now you’ve got to slog out the rest of the afternoon. Ugh!

Consider this: Whatever activity you start your day off with will determine your accomplishments.

Here’s a solution:

Each night before you leave your office, determine what your Six Most Important To Do’s are for the next day.

Even if you’re not a ‘morning’ person, you’ll have much more clarity and focus early in the day rather than later so it makes good business sense to tackle first those things that require your attention and that will move you towards your goals.

Take the most important task first and when it’s done, check your e-mail as a reward or treat it as a pause in your work. An organized business person checks email once or twice a day and for a specific time allotment.

Make it a habit to start your day this way and you’ll be that much further ahead and feel extremely pleased with your results.

Now go get connected!

PS Share your tips on how you get your day started to achieve success. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Editor's note:

If you're not sure where your time goes, keep a notebook near your computer or use prorams like Manic Time to log it. To help keep yourself from falling into the black hole of time when checking emails, you can also keep a timer near your computer. Only want to spend 10 minutes on email? Set the timer!

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