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Spring Cleaning For Your Small Business

By Rigdha Acharya on May 21 2012 • Filed under Business

Spring Cleaning for Your Small Business (Photo)It's that time again! It's time for spring cleaning. If you're a small business owner it's time to clean your small business as well. Your business will become more efficient and customer friendly, showing customers your dedication and determination. You'll also take out the repetitiveness and staleness, making you a happier business owner. You'll even create new business opportunities for yourself! In this article you'll learn some tips and advice on having a successful spring cleaning this and every year.

Store/Office/or Both

Move furniture or equipment around to make the most efficient use of space. Make sure things are arranged in a way that's the most conducive to work and productivity. Organize anything that needs to be organized. Anything that's old or outdated needs to be removed. Be careful to shred documents with important information carefully so they don't fall into the wrong hands.
This is my favorite! Set some new short term and long term financial goals. Get rid of any goods/services that aren't profitable. Search for any cost saving methods that are safe and legal. If it's affordable, consider hiring a financial consultant.
It's a good time of year to do a employee review. Evaluate all your employees. Provide constructive criticism and feedback to all the employees and help them set professional goals so both of you can grow.
Finished Projects
Take a look at the projects you've already done. What worked well and what didn't work well? What should be done differently on future projects? Highlight the best projects you've done to show to potential clients. If you have projects you plan to use again, update them.
New Projects
List all the projects you need to get done in the next six to eight months. Prioritize them based on importance. Use a whiteboard to help you plan out the projects. Set goals and deadlines for the projects. Delegate tasks you can't do yourself to your employees.
Evaluate your current marketing strategies. Revise your marketing plan based on what works and doesn't work. Create a new marketing plan if one is needed. If sticking to the current marketing plan, tweak it to make it more appealing. Update the marketing plan for future goals.
Business Plan
Evaluate your business plan. This needs to be done at least once a year anyhow! Review your business plans with partners and/or professionals. Revise your business plan based on what works and what doesn't work. Measure your projected success to your actual success. Update the business plan based on your actual success. Add future goals and strategies to your business plan.
The website is a cornerstone of your business and attracts or repels customers. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors, and fix any you may find. If you haven't changed the format/appearance of the site in a long time, make some changes to give the site a refreshed look. If there are any products or services that are no longer offered, remove them from the site and add new ones if applicable. Post updates on any ventures or en-devours you may have and share current news.
Spring cleaning your business may not be fun but it will be well worth it. You don't have to do your spring cleaning alone. Ask for help with the less important thing and don't be afraid to ask for tips and advice. And, share your experiences here!

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