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Couch to 5K: Holy Cow We’re Runners

By ML Broxton on Apr 16 2012 • Filed under Health

Gary and Lori Morrison Bufalo - Couch to 5K (Photo submitted by Michele Broxton)There are many names to describe our team’s natural state: couch potato, bookworm, inside girl, etc. We were just talking tonight about how we weren’t really outdoorsy or athletic when we were growing up, but now we actually like working this program. What made the difference? My conversation with Gary Bufalo, St. Louis resident and Rolla High School graduate, may have summed it up. He ran tonight and on Week 2 he’s already at almost three miles, which is the length of a 5K, so that’s great! I’m not going that far yet, but tonight’s run called for 20 minutes of straight jogging and the thought of puking never entered my mind, which is amazing!

Monday through Thursday of last week:

We were still in Florida and, like you and I discussed, I threw in the towel trying to run on vacation.It’s all I could do to just keep up with running after the kids! Ha. After asking Karen Hagen-Richards from the Centre and Meeps, a colleague from Pennsylvania who has successfully completed the Couch to 5K program, they both encouraged me to just go on to the next training session after a week of missed workouts. I had my doubts, but…


I was totally worn out from the trip and wasn’t able to get in touch with Dana, Susan, or Melpo. The thought crossed my mind that, after a week off, this might be it. I might be to the point that I quit and chalk this up to another good idea. Then, later in the evening, I decided to stick with it and get back on the right path. So, I decided to run the next morning while someone was home to watch the kids for a little while.


Saturday morning I showed up at Acorn Trail and sat in the parking lot for a little bit, just trying to settle my thoughts and slow down from a hectic few days. I called Susan to say "hi" and it turns out she was out of town on Friday. She decided to come run and, as I waited for her, I started my session. We met up at about the halfway point and I turned around and finished her run with her. As recommended, I attempted the two eight-minute runs with a five-minute walk in between and…made it! It was a piece of cake! I would have never believed it.

This program is doing amazing things for my health and perception of what my body can accomplish. Here’s the cool part: after Susan and I finished our run, we walked back to the parking lot and…there stood Melpo! So, we just turned around and did her workout with her! It was so much fun and such a great session after some time away. We look forward to seeing each other and encouraging each other to keep on going!

Last year, Michele decided to participate in the Couch to 5K program so she could run a marathon for charity. These articles are a diary of her experiences as she worked towards her goal between July and September of 2011.

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