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Leadership: Should You Reveal the “Real” You?

By Catherine Rocheleau on Apr 12 2012 • Filed under Business

Leadership: Do You Reveal the Real You? (Photo)The world around us consists of leaders and followers. Sometimes the leader is in a position of power, such as a CEO or Supervisor. Other times, the leader is a member of the group who steps forward because they have the passion, clarity and interest to initiate and lead a change. Within a group, the leader can shift from project to project, if the right framework is in place.

Leadership requires more than just our position or our passion. According to Wally Buono (GM, BC Lions Football Club), “Leadership is about others wanting to follow your lead.” Buono went on to say, “when you are not authentic, those closest to you will know this, even if you are able to portray a different image to the outside world.”

Be You

One of the best approaches to leadership is to be YOU.This involves staying true to yourself and your values. It also includes having a clear vision that you can effectively communicate to others. When challenges appear, are you able to bring these obstacles into perspective and be guided authentically when you allow your values to lead the way.

Last month I wrote about Business with Heart. Operating a heart-centred business requires that you be true to yourself and those around you. When you lack clarity in your own values, vision or the desired outcome, a natural imbalance will occur.

As a leader, it is important to know who you are and what you are good at, and what areas are best performed by others. Accepting that you are not “perfect” and knowing that your team can allow you to do what you do best opens you up to more opportunities as a leader, and greater success in the long run.

Be Open and Engaged

A good leader is able to remain open to new ideas, feedback and sees opportunities that present themselves. Leadership involves leading others and guiding them to fulfill the vision. When you are authentic, barriers are broken down and communication, comfort and innovation are able to rise to the surface allowing effective solutions to be identified.

Part of leadership also involves recognizing when others are challenged, frustrated, or otherwise ‘off-course.’ The ivory tower of leadership no longer has a place in business. Today’s leaders must interact, observe and engage with each member of the team on a regular basis. Learn more about your team members – what they like, what is important to them, their family, their goals etc. Be willing to share things about yourself too to strengthen your connection on a more personal level. You don’t have to share private things that could interfere with your role, instead you share experiences, thoughts, ideas and stories that relates to what was shared with you.

Ask for Help

Leadership can be a lonely place if you do not ask for help. Help may come from your network, from your followers, a mentor or a certified coach. A mastermind group is another exceptional tool to enable you to lead effectively while stimulating your role so you remain clear on your vision, maintain and develop innovation in others, engage and develop your followers.

Get the support you need so you don’t let your internal ‘Gremlin’ interfere with your ability to lead effectively. Remain true to yourself, connect with your team and be an engaged leader.

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