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Are You Really Earning What You’re Worth?

By Cathy Kuzel on Mar 29 2012 • Filed under The Connected Woman

Are you really earning what you're worth? (Photo)For entrepreneurs and sole proprietors, managing your time can be the most challenging part of the job. You wear multiple 'hats,' from receptionist to President;  running the office, backing up the computer, answering the phone, paperwork, and let's not forget, doing the work that actually earns you money.

Is it really worth It?

Now's the time to take command of your time and earn what you're worth.

1. List the superfluous tasks.

List all the tasks you perform during one calendar month that don't directly relate to your core business. For example: if your core business is graphic design, then accounting, marketing, customer support, filing, are tasks that eat into your design time.

2. You earn how much per hour?

Add up the hours you’ve spent working, including core business tasks as well as business-related items like filing and answering the phone. Surprise! Spending time and money on less important tasks means a lower pay grade. OK, here’s a thought: you invoice your clients $80 for an hour spent on their project, and THEN you spend two hours on extraneous tasks like refilling the paper tray in your printer, re-labeling your filing cabinet or updating your database. Based on your hourly rate, you’ve just spent $160 on tasks that an office assistant could do for $17/hour. Did you really make any money?

3. Hire help.

Yes you can afford it. You can’t afford not to. Remember, it’s your core business that earns you an income and who better to do it? YOU!  You’re hiring for a part-time position so students, women with small children or retirees are great resources. Ask other local businesses who they use. Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is another option. VAs can do your appointment scheduling, invoicing and data entry – just to name a few things – and it’s all done remotely. You don’t have to be in the office for them to do their job.

4. Give it away!

Delegate as much as you can. Yes, it’s your passion, baby, creation – insert other warm fuzzy adjective here – but face it, there’s only one of you and since you can’t clone yourself (not yet anyway!) to grow your business, you’ve got to engage the services of others.

Time is the one thing you can’t buy and it’s the most important asset you have. We all have the same amount to work with in any given day so make the most of that time by doing what you do best. Allow others to take over tasks that free up that time for you to build your business.

Now go get connected!

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