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Sometimes All We Need to do is…Nothing

By Carmen Jubinville on Mar 21 2012 • Filed under Business

Sometimes all you need to do is...nothing (Photo)I've learned that sometimes when I'm feeling totally stressed out or worried about something all I really need to do is nothing.

The other day I was feeling really worried about something in my business. I was trying to solve the problem by brainstorming. I wrote a couple of pages worth of notes and at the end of it all I was nowhere near a solution. I felt frustrated. I was annoyed. And I wasn't going to be much good for my family that night if I didn't find a way to resolve my issue.

So I sat in my meditation chair in the corner of my office and said, “God, what do you want me to do?” And nothing came…no ideas popped into my head, no solutions came to my mind and so I said, “You got nothin' for me?”

As I continued to sit there the thought, “nothing” kept coming into my mind.Suddenly, I said, “Wow! God, Do You want me to do nothing?” BANG ON! The moment I said it, I felt a huge sense of relief come over me. The hair on my arms stood up and shivers wiggled down my spine. I knew this was God talking to me… He's so super cool like that! 🙂

I got up off my chair, closed my office door and spent the rest of the entire afternoon and night doing absolutely nothing.

I watched TV sitcoms I've never watched before. I laughed. I took some time to play with my kids. In fact, I didn't even make supper! I have a stash of frozen meals in the deep freezer in case of emergencies…this qualified as one of those nights! I tucked my kids into bed and followed shortly after them. I was sleeping by 9pm.

When I awoke the next morning, my worry and stress seemed to completely dissipate. With a fresh mind I could see that I was making a really big deal out of something that was completely solvable. I realized that my worrying and stress was because I hadn't been giving myself enough time in my life to shut down.

I'm a huge fan of resting when necessary and keeping an early bed time at least once a week, but now I'm realizing that sitting around and doing nothing every now and again can be extremely productive! Seems a little bit like an oxymoron and yet it makes a lot of sense.

I'm so used to always being busy and productive that it's easy to forget how productive it is to sometimes do nothing at all!

How does this resonate with you? Do you cringe at the idea of doing absolutely nothing every once in a while? Or would you say that you could use a little more time to do nothing at all? Do you see the value of doing nothing every once in awhile in order to refresh or reboot your mind?

I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts! Until next time…xox


  1. I am very good at doing nothing. Being self-employed for many years, I have to be disciplined. Each December I print out next year’s calendar, page by page and mark my production schedules, deadlines and commitments. I also will mark in holidays and down time. It might be a vacation to visit my family, or a few days of gardening – or a week of painting. Whatever it is, I commit to it. And yes, doing nothing about something works. Sometimes all you need is a good nights rest and the solution is right there. The problem is NEVER as big as we first think.

    • Thanks for sharing Susan. Being self-employed is so awesome in the way that we have so much more freedom and flexibility with our time and so if we’re needing a time out to rejuvenate we can make it happen. Sounds like you have some really great balance! And yes, it’s true, our problems are usually never as bad as we think! 😉 Take care Susan!


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