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This Spring turn YOUR Home into a Private Getaway!

By Gail Cole on Mar 14 2012 • Filed under Balance

Turn Your Home Into Your Own Private Getaway (Photo: Gregory Morris)Do you want a calm, relaxing place to escape the madness in the world? Well, I have good news. Using Feng Shui, you don't have to spend a dime on redecorating! Feng Shui is about creating that peaceful, relaxed feeling in your home, simply and inexpensively. By using what you already have and letting go of what you don't need, you will be amazed at the immediate and positive changes in your life.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever walked into a stranger's home and experienced a feeling of discomfort or uncertainty? It's likely because the balance is out of whack. A home with good Feng Shui just feels right. Basically, we don't ‘see’ our own stuff – we become anesthetised to it. So, we don't know how or what to change. You also have to be mindful about not creating stuck areas in your home, as this stuck energy will start to appear in your life. A good Feng Shui home is always nourished by fresh, clear, free flowing energy.

So how do you accomplish this? Try these 9 things:

1. Declutter.

That means selling, donating, or recycling anything you DON'T USE. And be honest – it's no good keeping that figurine Aunt Martha gave you if you don't like Aunt Martha! One of my clients decluttered and won a weekend spa getaway immediately after as decluttering opens up new opportunities!

2. Clean, clean and clean.

Clean spaces attract good energy. It's worth the time and effort. Not only will it feel good, you will feel more relaxed!

3. Is everything organized for mental clarity and safety?

One of my clients was always misplacing her keys until she organized everything and now, instead of wasting time looking for keys, she doesn't feel rushed in the morning!

4. Assess the lighting, does it lift the energy or deplete the energy (ie. bright vs. dull)?

Energy is attracted to bright lights, so make sure your entrance is well lit.

5. Do the colours of the walls lift the spaces that are active? (ie. kitchen, office, living room)

Good colours for kitchens are tones of yellow, white, beige. Stay away from reds as red is the fire element and there is plenty of fire element in the kitchen with a stove!

6. Do the colours of the walls calm the areas that are private? (ie. bedroom)

Good colours for bedrooms are earthy colours which encourage sleep.

7. Do you have live plants to give life to spaces?

Plants add wood energy for growth in your life and plants like jade and bamboo are good luck! For low maintenance, silk plants are ok as long as they are kept dust free.

8. Be aware of what the art on the wall says.

One of my clients had a picture of a sad, lonely person on the wall which was not good Feng Shui energy for attracting the relationship they wanted.

9. Be open to Feng Shui.

If you are feeling cynical or doubting Feng Shui in any way, think of it this way: what have you got to lose vs. what you have to gain? Cynicism will get you nowhere, just try it! You will LOVE coming home to your private getaway!

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