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Ready, Set, Romance!

By Gail Cole on Feb 14 2012 • Filed under Balance

How to find love using Feng Shui (Photo: Alex P.)On Valentine's Day, everyone has love and romance on their minds.

Ever wonder why some people have the ideal partner and you don't? You might want to try some of my Feng Shui tips for finding love.

These tips work for many of my clients and they can work for you too!

Top Eight Ways to Find Love or Strengthen It:

1. Clear your entrance. Make it welcoming – first impressions count, they will feel important!

2. Apply Feng Shui principles to your Master Bedroom to make sure it’s balanced for two.

3. Make room in your closet for two. No Room = No Partner.

4. Write down your intentions for your ideal partner, ie. age, interests, etc…

5. Take a class that interests you. You might find that special someone there!

6. Exercise! It will make you look and feel better about yourself

7. Let go of the past! Ready = Ready for Relationship.

8. Be kind to yourself. Have fun, smile, laugh, and express the joy of living!

AND, if you want to find out if they are really into YOU, here are some tips:

  • Do they make excuses and want to be around their pet and/or friends more than with you?
  • Does the art in their home spell Relationship (ie. is it one lonely person in a picture or a happy couple )?
  • Do they act natural around you or is it forced? Listen to your intuition!

Good Luck in Finding Love!

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