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What’s Your “X” Factor? Find Out & Attract More Clients!

By Natasha Golinsky on Jan 18 2012 • Filed under Business

Stand out to win clients. (Photo)American Idol, America's Got Talent, The X Factor….all talent shows whereby the winner is determined by the number of votes they receive from the general public. It always surprises when one of the judges says, "Joe, by far you are the most talented singer in this competition; however, it's not talent that wins but the person who gets the most votes."

On one hand this is very sad. You see countless amounts of incredibly talented individuals get voted off because they weren't the fans' favourite. Most likely they have been developing their talent for years only to get bumped out by someone who is less talented but is better at delivering what the crowd loves. I will never forget an episode of America's Got Talent where, admittedly, the most incredible talent was outed by an only average singer because he was cuter and told lots of sob stories about what he would do with the $1,000,000 if he won.

On the other hand, the strategy of truly understanding who you're marketing to (your voters if you will) is a second-to-none approach. When you know who they are, what they want, how they spend their money, what their problems are, etc., you can develop your organizational strategy accordingly. Every organization succeeds because it has a target demographic and it delivers what that demographic wants (not needs).

Ideas for finding out the needs of your target market:

  1. Study your competitors: what products do they offer, which social media tools do they use to connect to their prospects, what do they blog about? When you study someone who is already serving the people you wish to serve you will get insight through the services they offer and the topics they write about what some of the problems are of your target market. Take their ideas and repackage it in a way that is unique to you and your personality style.
  2. Join topical Linkedin groups: which groups are your target prospects a member of? Don’t join groups with people who do what you do but join the groups where your ideal clients are. Once you’re in the group, listen to the discussion and contribute meaningful ideas. Don’t promote, don’t spam – just get involved in the conversations that interest you.
  3. Take a survey: why not ask your existing clients how they have benefited from your work? Ask them questions like: why did you choose to work with me? Which benefits did you think working with me would bring you? What have you like the most about working with me so far? Which problems have I been able to help you solve? You’ll find out so much about your target market by polling the people you know who have already hired you.
  4. Study your industry’s key words: as you’re reading blog posts on your topic make note of the key words the author uses. Use free programs like google adwords to see which variations of these words/phrases people are searching for and how often. Start a list of the words related to your niche that people are searching for and begin to incorporate them into your blog posts, copy and social media profiles.

You can be the most qualified, highest quality professional in your field but if you’re not giving your prospects what THEY want (instead of what you think they need) you’ll never be able to grow your business. When working out your strategic plan, think about the X-Factor and that your ultimate success lies is your ability to connect with your audience and not just in how great a talent you are.

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