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How to Love Yourself Even When You Screw Up!

By Carmen Jubinville on Jan 18 2012 • Filed under Balance,How-To

How-to: Love Yourself Even When you Screw Up. (Photo : Billy Alexander)We all have our moments. We do things that make us feel bad about ourselves. We choose behaviors we're ashamed of. We say things we're not proud of. And at the end of the day, when we screw up, we sit in guilt, shame and powerlessness.

But imagine if we loved ourselves unconditionally. How would it impact our lives if we loved ourselves despite our errors? Even if we screwed up over and over again and made the same mistake over and over again – what if we loved ourselves anyway?

The struggle would be over. How do I know? Because I've been there.

When we get angry with ourselves because of our weaknesses and imperfections, we are literally choosing to go to battle, and the war is with ourselves! Imagine if your child had the same weaknesses as you. Imagine if he made the same mistakes over and over again. Would you be ashamed of him? Would you make him feel guilty every time he made a mistake?And if you would treat him this way, how do you think it would impact his self-esteem and self-worth?

How are you any different than your child? If you have a weakness, an addiction, an imperfection or a flaw of some sort how is it helpful if you beat yourself up over it? What if you just accepted yourself as you are and loved yourself anyway?

So how do you love yourself even when you screw up? Here it is in its simplest form – you give yourself no other option but to love yourself! Breathe…and re-read.

Yes, you love yourself now no matter what! You love yourself like you love your child! You love yourself period! You give yourself no other choice no matter how hard it is!

When you screw up, no matter how many times, your default setting is to love yourself anyway.

And what happens when you do? The struggle is over, there is no more battle and you slowly but surely begin to heal your life little by little and before you know it your weaknesses, flaws, imperfections and addictions slowly begin to fall away because there is no more resistance. There is no more battle; no more being at war with yourself.

How do I know this? Because I've been there. Unconditional self-love = freedom!

Daily Affirmation:

Dear _______________,

I have many imperfections, flaws and weaknesses. The only option I want to choose when I make a mistake is unconditional self-love. This can be a very difficult task; to love myself no matter what. But I know that being angry with myself or feeling guilty and shameful doesn't help me in any productive way.

___________, please help me to love myself no matter what, each and everyday despite my errors, weaknesses, addictions, imperfections and flaws because I know that when I love myself I heal myself little by little.

Thank you! I love you! And so it is!

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