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Celebrate the Old You in the New Year

By Katherine Lazaruk on Jan 18 2012 • Filed under Image Intensive

Celebrate the Old You in the New Year (Photo: Shirley B)“You were born an original, why die a copy?” ~ Oscar Wilde

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “What?” At this time of year when we’re bombarded by ads that tell us we need a whole new look, a whole new body and a completely new way of being, I’d like to be the voice in the wilderness that says instead of looking to create something new, how about looking to the past to discover the ‘old you’ and what was great about that person?

I dare to stand up and say, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” And, “You’re perfect just as you are.”

I’m not suggesting that there isn’t room for ‘sharpening the saw,’ but do you actually know what you’re sharpening? Maybe you’re not a saw, maybe you’re a hammer and maybe it’s time to start being the best hammer you can be.

So much time in our society is spent working on our weaknesses; I say it’s time to embrace your strengths and let the true you shine out.The poet Mary Mackey wrote, “I grew in rings, like a tree. At the center I’m always ten with pink glasses and braces.” I’m willing to bet that your authentic ten-year-old is every bit as amazing and fascinating as anything new your current self could cook up!

Here are some tips to uncover your true self and start building from a solid foundation:

1.    Take out a piece of paper and a pen you like.

2.    Think back to your kindergarten self or even earlier if you can remember back that far.

3.    Ask yourself these questions:

a.    What kinds of things did you like to do?
b.    What topics and information interested you the most?
c.    What kinds of clothing did you like to wear?
d.    What activities were your favourites?
e.    How did you move in the world?

4.    The answers to these questions will give you a good indication of who you really are. Perhaps you’ve developed an appreciation for grand opera over your lifetime, but if you really loved crazy dancing to country tunes as a kid, it might be worth giving that a try and see what it unlocks. If you loved turtles and being in nature, how can you manifest that love in the here and now? If you loved wearing colourful tights and dresses, is there a way you can add that love of colour into your adult world?

Ultimately who you are at 4 is who you are at 104. There are layers of sophistication and learning that get added, and it’s time to understand which of those layers are really yours and which are just stuff put on you by other people who said you ‘should’ be, do or have certain things in life.

Oscar Wilde said it best: “You were born an original, why die a copy?”

Take your ‘old self’ out for a walk and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to be, do and have all that you need and want.

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