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Overcoming Business Guilt as a Work-at-Home Mom

By Abbey Fatica on Jan 09 2012 • Filed under Mompreneurs at work

Overcoming Business Guilt as a Work-at-Home Mom (Photo)Everyone always talks about the infamous Mommy Guilt. You feel guilty when you do something just for you or you are spending time working on the business when you could be spending time with the kids. Admittedly, I feel that sometimes, but my kids are at an age where we are together 24/7 with no breaks. My oldest is almost 4, in preschool three times a week, my second is 2 and we have a newborn so we all get a LOT of Mommy and kid time together.

The schedule that my husband has at work is weird and he is gone most of the day and doesn’t usually get home until after the kids are asleep. I’m doing most of the parenting and many days feel like a single parent. Sometimes I ask myself where is my 8-hour break that moms who work outside the home get?

In the time that I have become a mother I have also become a work-at-home mom. This allowed me to make money for groceries and extras that we wouldn’t normally have as a family on one income. It gives me the opportunity to branch out from my role as mom and focus on being a woman; a working woman. I get to network with other moms and business owners and escape from a world where I talk about Max and Ruby and toys all day long.

With my kids being so demanding at their young ages, they need me to be for them all the time. Luckily, my toddler and preschooler are great at entertaining themselves, but I still have to take care of a newborn plus be at the other two’s beck and call. I hear this a lot, “Mommy, come color. Mommy, come play. Mommy do this. Mommy do that. Mommy I need this. Mommy I need that.” I think you get the point. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing with them, but from 7am -8pm is a LONG day together even if I get a break from one (naptime). I cherish the memories I had when all kids were napping from 1pm until 4pm every day. It was my time to be able to catch up things around the house but usually I spent the three hours working my tail off so that I could focus on the kids when they woke up.

Now that our schedule has changed again with the new baby, I have gone from getting the Mommy guilt when they were napping to what I now call Business Guilt. Since, I don’t get a solid break until after 7:30pm, I have to fit the business into our schedule throughout the day. I do make my kids rest from 1-2:30 pm, but it is still  a time that is flooded with questions and I need this. Usually when I hit my stride in an email or post, someone needs me or wakes up from their nap. (This actually occurred as I was writing this sentence.)

I always knew that as my children got older, fitting the business into our schedule was going to be a little different, but some days, I feel like my business or my “fourth baby” gets neglected. I am seriously passionate about helping other small business owners get more exposure for their companies and I wish I had more time in the day or more money to get a babysitter but I don’t, so when the kids need me the business gets the brute end of the deal.

Balancing work and kids has been a struggle since one child has cut out naps, because I am mom all day long. No longer do I have a 3-hour break in the middle of the day to focus my attention on business. I have to fit it when I can. So if that means checking twitter after I get the kids’ breakfast ready or answer a few emails before my husband leaves for work or make a phone call while my older two are playing with play doh for an hour then so be it. My business is not something that I want to just fade away because my children need me. It is still an important aspect of who I am and who I want my children to see me as.

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