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Ignite your Home Office with Feng Shui!

By Gail Cole on Jan 09 2012 • Filed under Balance

Ignite Your Home Office with Feng Shui! (Photo)The new year is a time to re-evaluate our living environment and decide what needs to change. Is your home office a place for productivity? Igniting your home office with Feng Shui creates a foundation for opportunities, success, and income growth. Who wouldn't want that?

Your office should support you energetically. For example, are the colours on the walls supportive for productivity? What about clutter – does your office look like it should be featured on the next edition of HGTV’s "Consumed"? Also, be sure to look at enhancements. Is the art on the wall leftover pieces that didn't fit anywhere else in the house? The answers to all these questions are very important when trying to create a space that will keep you focused and happy in all of your office-related work.

With all the focus on high-tech equipment and gadgets these days, people often overlook the subtle but equally important energy requirements. These things help you feel focused and productive. But before we talk about these subtle things, you must make sure your office is free of clutter. You don't want to energize the clutter. In Feng Shui, this doubles it! So de-clutter and either organize it, file it, or get rid of it!

Here are some Feng Shui principles to create a balanced office space:

  • The position of your desk is most important. It should be in the power position of the office, where you have a view of the door from your chair and a solid wall behind you for support. If you cannot place your desk where you have a view of the door, then place a mirror on the wall you are facing so you can see behind you.
  • Keep all electrical wires neatly wrapped with ties or enclose them in a tube so they are not visually seen. This also keeps you safe from tripping over them when moving around the office.
  • Make sure the door to your office can open freely. This is the entrance to your success and productivity. It affects your entire business.
  • Paint your office wall a colour that provides supportive energy. White is a metal colour in Feng Shui and helps to get you motivated. Also, add more metal objects and less wood objects if you are having trouble focusing. Metal gives you that energetic tension needed for productivity.
  • Motivational art on the wall also enhances focus and productivity in a home office. Art that shows teamwork, success, and a positive attitude is good.
  • Energize new business and wealth by adding uplifting plants, like bamboo. You can use silk plants or trees if you do not have a green thumb. Pictures of large trees give added energy to income generation.
  • A water feature provides flow to your career success. A small tabletop water feature with a gentle sound works well. Be sure to use the fountain every day and fill it with fresh water. This keeps your wealth flowing and doesn’t allow it to stagnate.
  • Stay organized in your office. This isn’t an option – it’s mandatory for success. You can't work in a chaotic space. Mentally, you see the clutter before starting your work and it subconsciously irritates you. It is crucial to your creativity and energy levels to spend a few minutes effectively tidying up. Your creativity will flourish – just try it and you'll see!
  • Clean all the electrical cords – they magnetize dust. In Feng Shui, this is negative energy. Move things around in your office, and clean underneath and behind furniture. Just like spring cleaning, your office deserves a deep cleaning too!

By surrounding yourself with good energy in your office, a nice cup of coffee, a good chair, beautiful scenery, and nice music, you will be inspired, creative and productive. You will manifest good things and the rewards will be abundant!

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