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This Little Mistake Can Cost You Your Happiness!

By Carmen Jubinville on Dec 19 2011 • Filed under Balance

Overcome fear and enjoy more success in business, life. (Photo: Kriss Szkurlatowski)You're at a club. There's a man (or woman) sitting at the bar. You have this unexplainable attraction to him. You can't help but think you should take the leap and go introduce yourself. As you begin walking toward him, there's an old familiar voice in your head…

"He could be married. Gosh, how embarrassing would that be."

"You have a zit on your chin, maybe tonight's not the best night to be picking up men."

"What if you say something stupid? You do that quite often you know."

"If he was into you, he'd of noticed you by now."

And with all of that rationalizing you go home and never meet this man that you were so incredibly attracted to. You spend the next three years wondering if he might have been your future husband. Your only mistake? You bought into fear.

You're totally sick of your job. For years you've been wanting to be your own boss. There's nothing you would love more than to run your own consulting business. So, you do a lot of research and have some in depth discussions with your partner about it. He's totally supportive! You can't remember the last time you felt so great! As you begin to plan your resignation date from your current employment, there's an old familiar voice in your head…

"If you quit this job you will be putting so much stress on your husband."

"Most entrepreneurs fail, what makes you think you can do this?"

"How will you ever forgive yourself if you blow all your savings for nothing?"

"Let's face it, you're not really the entrepreneur type."

And with all of that rationalizing you stay at your job for the rest of your working years and you wonder everyday what it might have been like to be your own boss. Your only mistake? You bought into fear.

There is a little mistake that can cost you your happiness, and that little mistake is listening to your voice of fear. How do you know if you are listening to the voice of fear?

Actually, it's quite simple to detect. If you are always justifying, rationalizing or being practical when opportunities knock, chances are very good that you are buying into the voice of fear. And a sure way to know that you are listening to fear: fear makes you feel bad. When you are listening to fear, you feel disappointed, sad, stuck, etc.

Your Mission:

  • Write down five things you haven't done because you were justifying, rationalizing or trying to be practical.
  • What exactly were you telling yourself?
  • Were those things really true or were you just scared?
  • How can you take your control back?
  • Write out a daily affirmation, like the one below, and say it to yourself every day.

Daily Affirmation:

Dear ________________.

I am beginning to notice how often I buy into the voice of fear. I do not want to live a life controlled by fear and so I ask that you give me the strength to quiet that voice and the courage to say "YES" to the opportunities that come my way. I trust that when opportunities come to me, they come to me on purpose and with a purpose to help me grow into the person I am truly meant to be. Thank you! I love you! I trust you! And so it is!

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