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10 Conversation Starters for Your Facebook Page

By Cathy Kuzel on Dec 03 2011 • Filed under The Connected Woman

10 Conversation Starters for your Facebook Page (photo)As successful business women, we know we need to include social media in our marketing plans but for some reason the task seems overwhelming. We also know that with over 700 Million+ active users, Facebook is the #1 best place to find new, untapped customers for our business.

If you're asking yourself, "I’ve got the ‘Page’ now how the heck do I engage people on FB?" you are not alone. We're smart, we're savvy and we're darn good at what we do – it's just that we need someone to show us how to get the ball rolling, right?

10 Conversation Starters

Here are 10 ways to get your fans to comment, like and share your posts on Facebook:

1. Offer tips Create an “Intriguing Introduction” guaranteed to encourage conversation. Read more on our blog . . . (then include a link to your blog)

2. Ask questions – How do you follow up with customers? Which method works best – phone, email, text or . . .? Pleases share your tips and ideas.

3. Answer questions – An excellent question Linda! I would recommend the ‘2 Pocket’ networking method. Anyone have other suggestions for Linda?

4. Start a poll – Who’s your favourite (Vancouver Canuck)? Why?

5. Share the results – The results are in! 65% of the people who responded to our poll said that (Daniel Sedin is their #1 favourite Canuck)!

6. Solicit Feedback – How are we doing? Is our content relevant? Want more? Less?

7. Make Announcements – We’ve just reached our 100th member of The Connected Woman Association!

8. Respond to comments – (Sabine), that’s a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

9. Celebrate holidays and special occasions – Happy New Year! Here’s to YOUR success! – Happy Valentines Day! Did you remember the flowers?

10. Share “little known facts” – Did you know that the . . . (insert fact)

These are just a few ways generate conversation and turn your fan page into a contributing factor to your business. The purpose of Facebook is ‘socializing’ so do it! Write the majority of your posts and status updates with the focus of creating conversations. Using it for ‘selling’ and blatant self-promotion will just turn people away.

If used properly, a Facebook fan page can become a very strategic part of any successful business marketing plan.

Now Go Get Connected!

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