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The Purpose of Life Is a Life of Purpose

By Karen Dodd on Nov 08 2011 • Filed under Balance

The Purpose of Life is a Life PurposeLest I be accused of plagiarism, the title of this article comes from a quote by Robert Byrne. It seemed apropos as I was struggling to put into words why I have taken a step back from teaching and writing about marketing and client attraction. Have I suddenly lost interest in helping entrepreneurs with the noble goal of authentically attracting more clients to their businesses?

No, not at all. It's just that I found that somewhere along the line I had lost touch with my gifts and who I really wanted to be going into the second chapter of my life. Sound familiar?

“Sometimes we have to lose ourself to find ourself.” – unknown

Author Tim Kelley, in his book True Purpose – 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make, tells us that we all have an Essence, a Blessing, and a Mission.Or, as he summarizes it:

  • Why are you here?
  • Who are you meant to be?
  • What are you meant to do?


The most difficult one to describe and that is probably the biggest mystery to you, is your essence. Have you ever witnessed someone walking into a room and the energy seemed to change instantly – positively or negatively? That, is your essence. It's not something you do, but rather something that you are.


Regardless of whether you know your true purpose or if you're presently in the right vocation, your blessing is what you bring to everything you do. Whether you are working, volunteering, or just comforting a friend, when you're doing your blessing, you feel good about yourself and you do what you do unconsciously. Even if you're not following your authentic path at this moment, you likely still have times that you use your blessing.


As Tim Kelley puts it, "your mission is the highest level instruction you've been given by your soul."

Have you ever had the desire to be a published author or to be an actor or professional singer? Just fill in the blank for whatever your dream has been. Did your self-talk quickly kick in with things like, "who am I to think that I could do that?" or "I don't have the talent to achieve my dream." That's your ego talking and it's the primary reason why you might be having trouble learning what your mission is. Your ego is trying to protect you.

Your Mission Changes!

It does not nemean that what you and I have been doing for a large part of our lives is our one and only mission in life. As with everything, it can change.

That's what's happening to me right now. For the first time ever, I found myself telling someone that if I had to choose between coaching and writing, I would choose writing hands-down. It was actually a bit of a shock to me! But I know that although I might miss aspects of coaching, I could still live and be happy. However, if I could never write again, I would be devastated. My life would be without joy and with my loss of creativity would go my hope and optimism.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

1. Essence:

It's virtually impossible to know what your own essence is. So, ask three people (whom you trust and respect) what three words they would use to describe you. Don't be nervous! Most people will give you positive qualities about yourself unless you ask them specifically for the good, the bad, and the ugly!

2. Blessing:

Write down one to three things you do that, when you're engaged in these activities, you're not even aware of time going by. Even if you're in a career that is less than your ideal, look for the tasks that you do enjoy doing and would like to do more of. If that's not possible, then look to your hobbies or volunteering. Activities that you find joyful will emerge.

3. Mission:

Write out five or ten things that you love doing. Then, ask yourself: if I could have number one but not two, which would it be? Take your choice from that question and compare it to the next, and so on, until you are left with your one main choice. Chances are that this one main choice is, in some way, part of your mission.

The preceding is my version of some quick and simple ways to get in touch with who you are and what your true purpose is. To get into more depth, I highly recommend reading Tim Kelley's book. If you like to journal, you'll love the introspective exercises he leads you through.

Until next time, remember to be authentically you and endeavour to live in the present moment (more about that next time!)

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