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Get Out From Under Your Own Microscope

By Carmen Jubinville on Oct 16 2011 • Filed under Balance,Health

Get out from under your own microscope. (Photo: David Duncan)I had an enlightening conversation with one of my girlfriends the other night. She talked about what it was like for her live under the microscope. She's the kind of woman who is always open and willing to work on herself. So much so, that she allowed herself to be picked apart not only by her own hand but also by the hands of other people.

I could relate…can you?

For those of us guilty of living under the microscope, let me explain my perspective about why this happens and how we can correct it.

Why this happens:

It is my observation that those of us, who are guilty of focusing on our faults, are the same people who are ambitious and motivated to be the best we can be. If we are being or doing something we don't like, we focus all of our attention onto it in order to change it. But can our faults really be the building blocks we need to reach our personal best?

How can we move forward in life, reach our goals and accomplish our dreams when we focus on what we're doing wrong instead of on what we're doing right?When we focus on our faults all the time, we put ourselves in a very vulnerable position. Would you inspect your children for their faults or would you encourage them based on their qualities and strengths?

I agree that self-reflection is an important practice, but to pick ourselves apart is an approach that isn't getting us anywhere. When we pick ourselves apart we are treating ourselves harshly; we are over-looking all of our wonderful qualities.

How we can correct it:

Lets remember the reason we put ourselves under the microscope: it's because we are open and willing to improve ourselves so we can be the best we can be.

In my opinion, if we are eager to become our greatest potential, then our attention should be focused directly on our qualities, gifts, talents and strengths. We must focus on what we're really good at, on what we do right and on what we've already accomplished. These are authentic building blocks; these are positive motivators. When we focus on all that is good about ourselves, it inspires us to keep moving forward. To me, it makes all the difference to focus on who we are rather than on who we are not.

If the law attraction is true, and I believe that it is, then we want to place our focus on things that have a positive impact on our energy. When we are focused on our qualities it certainly gets us excited and that excitement surely impacts our energy!

Three helpful rules you can choose to implement in your life:

1. I will not focus on my faults or weaknesses unless there is a reason for me to self-reflect.

2. I will not allow others to focus on my faults or weaknesses unless I have specifically asked them for constructive criticism.

3. When I catch myself focusing on my faults or weaknesses, I will say, "STOP" and redirect my thoughts to my qualities, gifts, talents, strengths and accomplishments.

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