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Create a Unique Brand by Finding Your Authentic Self

By Natasha Golinsky on Oct 16 2011 • Filed under Marketing

To create a unique brand, find your authentic self (photo of butterflies)In today’s online gadget-overloaded world it is so easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of options you have as a business owner. Our minds are literally overloaded by endless information about branding, social media usage, marketing, business development, leadership, and planning. Do you ever feel lost in the ocean of ideas? Like me, do you ever feel like you are drowning in data and now question and over-think everything you are currently doing to build your business? Do you doubt who you should be and constantly stress about how you should “best” do it?

To these questions there is only one true answer: there is no such thing as one perfect way to accomplish anything nor is there one type of personality that is destined to be more successful than any other personality type.

Want to know how to stand out as a brand? Why not try being authentic to who you are? When everyone else is trying to be like everyone else, why not be the one not trying to be like everyone?  For example; do you hate business suits and heels? Throw them out. Do you hate Twitter? Don’t use it. Are you excitable and silly instead of being calm and collected? Go ahead and bounce off those walls. There is no one-way to win in business and anyone who says so is lying and has not built a business.

Who you truly are is unique and precious. Instead of listening to what all the “experts” are saying, why not take a moment to reflect on how you want to run things? Ask yourself: what do I want? What do I want to be remembered for? What do I truly believe is the best way to do this?

Action step: stop the noise by doing a media fast. For one week, totally unplug from ALL social media. Don’t check your facebook, your twitter, or your linkedin (post that you’re away on vacation and will be back soon). This week, take that same social media time and use it to stop and think about how you want to represent yourself and your business. There is no better feeling as a business owner than being able to do what you love in a way that you love to do it.

For more incredible ideas for how to truly stand out by being your remarkable self, read Seth Godin’s book: The Purple Cow.

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