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Couch to 5K: A Much-Needed Do Over

By ML Broxton on Oct 16 2011 • Filed under Balance,Health

Screenshot of Coach to 5K App available on iTuneSurprise, surprise, this week went pretty well until the very end, at which point I had a total Mommy meltdown and had to rearrange five rooms of furniture to restore my sanity. Each week, there is a prescribed training plan. All weeks have a 5-minute warm-up walk and 5-minute cool-down walk. It’s the 20 minutes or so in between that kicks one’s behind. The first week called for alternating 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. The second week’s plan was to alternate running for 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes. It sounds complicated, but the new iPhone I got at Mobile Gateway has an app that just dings and tells us what to do as we go through each session. “Ding…Run!” and “Ding…Walk!” says the app. I think I hear it in my sleep.

Back to the point. Monday was fabulous. We’re re-doing the Week 2 training plan because of illness, etc. week before last. Isa, our next door neighbor, joined us again. He’s doing a great job! Susan also joined us this week and her love of running has motivated us and helped us pick up our pace a little bit. That first day with her was a shock to my slow jogging/shuffling system, but I’m working the right muscles and it feels awesome!

Wednesday was a little trying. Ava got pretty tired and no amount of “tag, you’re it!” motivated her to move those little feet any more. Plus, she fell down and skinned her arm and was very dramatically upset that I could not procure a Band-Aid, cold washcloth, and Neosporin out of thin air. Like Oscar winner upset. But, she kept plugging along and we made it home.

Friday, Annamarie had the great idea for Ava to take her scooter with us. It was a fabulous idea and I could just picture her little curls blowing in the breeze from under her princess bike helmet as we sailed through another run. When attempting to implement the scooter idea, however; Ava spied her bike and decided to take it. It had a low tire. I thought I knew how to air it up. I clearly did not and the tube popped out before we even made it out of the fire station parking lot on Lions Club Drive. Susan and Isa graciously waited for me to sort through all this and get the bike back in our vehicle. They also waited graciously as Ava had the first of several meltdowns because my magical powers were found lacking again and I could not produce her scooter out of thin air. Grandma and Grandpa to the rescue, they found us at the halfway point and, with scooter under foot, we started on the journey back home…the epic journey. Fast forward through another fall (and this time a skinned knee, for which I was again ruled totally inept for not being able to produce the washcloth, Band Aid, and Neosporin), and countless stops so we could monitor the one drop of blood that had seeped out of Ava’s knee, we finally gave up, skipped the last 90 second run, and walked it the rest of the way to the car.

It’s at this point I have a tough decision to make. I need to get in shape. I want to work this training program, but it is not working for me to do this with Ava. Do I scrap the training program and just walk at whatever pace she can? My heart says, “Yes!” but my mind tells me that if I lose this momentum, I’m going to eventually stop and be right back where I started, three weeks and two pant sizes ago. Little Man wants to go, too, and there’s definitely no way a 2 yr old can do this training. Here’s what I’m thinking: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will continue to work this training with other grown ups. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I could just take the kids for a nice 30 minute walk. We could put our “running” shoes on and make it a big deal so they feel special. I want them to feel special, know how much I love them, and learn great exercising habits early. This sounds like a plan and I’ll let you know how it goes! Wish us luck!

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