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Gain Lots of Followers Without Landing in “Facebook Jail”

By Abbey Fatica on Oct 03 2011 • Filed under Marketing

Avoid Facebook Jail When Promoting Your Business (Photo: Miguel Saavedra)Last Month I wrote about Guerrilla Marketing Gone Wrong! and gave our readers a couple ways that too much interaction on Facebook and Twitter will get you thrown in their proverbial “jails.” This week, I’m going to delve into more Guerilla Marketing techniques that can be useful for gaining a substantial amount of followers in a short period of time. And you can do so without getting thrown into the social media holding cell.

Facebook – Silent Tagging

With changes occurring almost daily on Facebook, it’s hard to keep up with what you can do to promote your business and what will get you blocked or, worse, get your fan page taken down. Awhile back the big thing to gain followers quickly on Facebook was to have referral contests that were directly driving traffic to your page via a Facebook contest.

Then the rules changed and Facebook does not allow people to run contests or giveaways on your fan page or they will revoke your fan page. So there are ways to still run referral contests, but the contest must originate from your website or blog. Of course people found more ways to get huge numbers of people to “like” their pages and that is the world we are in today: Silent Tagging* Ladders. *Silent Tagging is when you use the @ symbol and then type your fan page. Below is an example of a Silent Tagging post you may see on someone's Facebook page.

“SILENT TAGGING EVENT! Tag your business page here for our tagging session. “Like”those
that come before and after you with your personal account. Business page “likes” don't
help numbers. You MUST tag “the HOSTING PAGE” on your page to participate and "like"
the other pages here. Otherwise we may remove your post. Thanks for participating!”

What this does is create an easy way to gain exposure to your page in front of roughly 5000+ fans that are listed on these sites. Some people gain 30-40 new people every time they do a Silent Tagging Ladder and can participate in these all day long if they have the time. To find some of the many pages specializing in Silent Tagging, do a Facebook page name search for "Silent Tagging" and see what comes up.

Twitter – programs like

Have you ever wondered how some people on Twitter have 20,000+ followers? Most of the people with huge numbers of followers found them through applications that help you to follow many handles at one time.

Again, a great way to get exposure for your business or blog is to be seen by as many people out there as possible. If you have a legitimate website, an avatar of your face or business logo and a good description of your twitter handle then most people will follow you. If you are lacking in any of these places, then most likely your follow number will be lower because you look like a spammer. For example, do not have the “Twitter egg” be your profile picture, because that is a surefire way to get marked as spam.

I have used sites like in the past as a Guerilla marketing technique especially when seeing who is following my competitors. I still don’t have 20,000+ followers but that’s okay with me.

I’ve worked hard to sustain and engage with the followers that I have on both Twitter and Facebook. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tactic at the start of your business to spread the word about your product or service, but after you get these followers you have to keep them. The best way to make clients out of your thousands of followers is to make sure you engage with a majority of them.

That could be by sending out tweets of blog posts that you have written or writing Facebook statuses that ask your fans a question of the day. Either way, one you gain a substantial number of followers then you have to figure out how to keep them around. At the beginning it’s all about quantity so that your presence is known, but after awhile you can make buyers out of your fans by having quality posts and tweets.

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