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Ignite Solutions and End Your Lack of Follow-through

By Catherine Rocheleau on Sep 27 2011 • Filed under Business

Examine your goals. (Photo of Flowchart)We are now nine months into 2011. September is like a new beginning each year. It’s definitely time to forge ahead and follow through on those intentions and goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

You are Your Leader

In any given situation, a leader is considered to be the single most important factor in follow-through. You are the leader of your own life, career and business. You are also the leader of the outcomes that you desire. If you have a team to lead, it's your job to be clear at the end of every meeting who is responsible for what and by when. The same holds true for you.

Goals or Pie in the Sky?

Now is a good time to review your written goals. Yes, I said written goals. If you don’t have your goals written or drawn in a mindmap – what’s stopping you? Writing them down makes them real! Goals that aren’t written are dreams and as real as a pie in the sky. Then, share your goals with others (i.e. your coach, mastermind group, your team). As the leader of your business or department, communicating your goals will help engage others and keep you accountable too.

Improve Your Odds

Are you following through effectively? If not, then what's stopping you from reaching your desired target? Anyone who has played golf has heard the need for good follow-through. Yet, in reality, a good follow-through in your swing reflects a good path on the way to the impact with the ball. But, if things are not well set before and during impact, the follow-through doesn't improve the results.

Success is a chain reaction, from the conception of an idea to the documented results. Each step plays an important role to the ultimate outcome. Once you set things in motion it is your follow-through that will maintain momentum.

Opportunity Cost

When you lack follow-through, your great ideas, dreams and goals fizzle-out and are nothing more than an idea. Today, businesses are encouraged to engage employees and embrace innovation. Training and development is one method used to help with this process. It’s a start but not enough.

Each person who embraces life-long learning, whether self-initiated or employer provided ensures they evolve and grow. Without on-going growth and development you will not be prepared when new opportunities are presented. If an opportunity passes you by…what’s the cost to you?

Break Through

Why gamble with your goals? Don’t let time wasters, procrastination, your own fears and other obstacles get in the way! Take action today.

Have you been doing the same thing with the same results? I’ve written about accountability partners before – they keep you on track! Consider investing in yourself (or your employees) and work with a Coach. They offer a different perspective and are just as committed to your success as you are. Another great option is to participate in a mastermind program. Working with a group of committed, motivated business people, business owners or professionals who are focused on the success of all team members ensure you will grow faster and achieve more. What’s more, they won’t let you forget to follow through!

What’s Next?

I encourage you to revisit your 2011 goals and action plans. How is your progress? What should stay? What needs to be tweaked? What needs to be removed? Make the revisions and create a realistic action plan to achieve your goals before the end of the year.

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