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7 Tips to Stand Out in the Masculine World of Commerce

By Guest Blogger on Sep 21 2011 • Filed under Business

Tips to Stand Out in the World Masculine of Commerce (Photo)As women, we all know that excelling in the business arena is never easy. This is because some people still bear the mindset that females will never be as competent as males. They do not trust that women can handle such big responsibility. This is because in the past, women only stayed at home, cleaning the house, preparing foods and washing the dishes. Now we do all that and work on our careers, too.

Aside from our advances over the years, many employers see women as part of a stereotype. It's true that men and women have different approaches to work but these differences do not make one gender any less or more capable than another. However, there are two things that do affect women’s performance at work: her own attitudes and actions along with the attitudes and actions of the people she works with. It’s hard to excel when you have a boss or co-workers who think less of you because of your gender.

People should understand that this is a new era, where men and women are equal. Sooner or later, even the most “old-boys-club” boss should realize this too. And this can only be done if we show them some proof. We must show them that we, too, can conquer the business arena. But with all the hindrances, how can women stand out from the masculine word of commerce? Here are some tips:

  • Keep on developing your strengths and work on your weaknesses. All of us have some weaknesses but this should not stop you from achieving goals. It is also good that you focus on your strengths. If ever you really can't develop your weaknesses, you can always delegate them to others. Do not waste your time focusing on it. On the other hand, you should take advantage of the skills that you already have and use it to be on top of your game.
  • Show people what you are worth. Since we are women, most people do not have any idea what we are worth. They would continue to neglect us until we show them our value. Don't let yourself be undermined and taken for granted. In order to let people know your value, you should first discover it yourself. So, put yourself on top of your priority list.
  • Use your 'feminine' talents to your own advantage. We all know how friendly and charismatic women can get and this is the skill that you can use to your benefit. How? Well, you could use your charms to create a web of connections, your network, that will help you in the business world.
  • Trust your instinct. Mothers, girlfriends and ladies always have a feeling when something is going right or wrong. And usually, these intuitions will turn out right. This goes the same with business; you should also incorporate your instincts in your strategies.
  • Never let your emotions get you. Women are known for being emotional. As compared to men, we are more in touch with our emotional side. This is never good when you are handling business matters. You may be deemed unprofessional when you become too emotional. (If you can’t control your emotions, find a way to take a quick time out so you can regain your composure. This could be as simple as suggesting a coffee break or visiting the ladies room.)
  • Be aware of over thinking things. This is another trait that women have that can truly affect their careers. It is the nature of most of us to worry over the slightest things. Yes, there are times when this will work to our advantage however, focusing on the little things will cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture.
  • Plan your moves. Since we are the ones who clean the house, budget our household money and taking care of the kids, we are used to planning and organizing things. These are the two best traits that you can use to win the business race.

Sarah Grace V. Villaflor, relationship manager of Nanostyle. (Photo)About the author: Sarah Grace V. Villaflor is the relationship manager of Nanostyle. NanoStyle is the first and only to imprint 24kt gold on Cubic Zirconia jewelry. The company is famous for creating elegant love pendants and Christian pendants.

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  1. Nicely said! Thank you for sharing. And the Chess picture is a plus!

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