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Is Your Style Really Yours?

By Katherine Lazaruk on Sep 05 2011 • Filed under Image Intensive

Feeling overwhelmed by changing fashion trends? (Photo: Belovodchenko Anton)As we ramp up into September you may be thinking about doing a little fall shopping to enhance your business wardrobe. Make sure that your investment is spent wisely by considering how the latest trends work for your personal style.

Let’s talk about ‘style.’ Style is not dependent on the external world of fashion. A person with style is able to use the external world of fashion to express herself fully and to show who she really is through what she wears. Style can be clearly defined in three words or less (for example, my style is natural and creative) and can be easily created when you understand exactly who you are and what you like.

Trends may or may not work for your personal style. A trend is just a theme in fashion and fashion is just what most people happen to be wearing at any given time.Fashion at its purest is an art form and sometimes artists have different agendas than the women who wear the clothes they create.Let’s take a look at three hot trends and see how they may fit into a personal style.

1. Graphic Prints

A huge feature on this year’s runways, from tartan to large scale colour blocks, graphic prints are out in full force. This trend may work for you if you a) have a bit of a dramatic streak or b) have a heavy bone structure and high contrast colouring. Incorporate this trend in small doses into your business wear in either a blouse or scarf, as pattern is considered more casual in business dressing.

2. Duster coats

Duster coats have reappeared on the runways and are fabulous for those of you that are tall and slim. If you like the duster coat effect and are short (like me), you may incorporate this trend in a lighter weight fabric or in a ¾ length with similar styling. It’s also a touch dramatic, so if you enjoy being noticed, this trend might work well for you.

3. Leather skirts

If you like natural materials and don’t have an ethical bias against wearing leather (you could wear faux), this option could work for your style. Leather is quite a flexible material as it can range from quite dramatic in black patent to softly natural in an earthy tan with rough detailing and comes in many weights to suit different body types. Leather may not be acceptable as a regular feature in your business wardrobe but can be incorporated into casual Friday or afternoon/early evening networking.

The most important question to ask yourself is whether or not the trend you’re considering works for you or if you’re allowing an outside influence to tell you what you ‘should’ be wearing. If it doesn’t work, don’t do it! If a trend particularly suits you, get a few more pieces and spend a bit more, as trends can typically be worn for at least two seasons (sometimes more) without completely dating you. (Fads, more extreme versions of trends, last only for a season, so be cautious in choosing). If a trend is very bold but you find yourself attracted to it, you can always play with the edges of the trend, finding the general feeling of it in a piece that works for you. For example, if the large scale graphic prints don’t work for you, look for pieces that have a suggestion of the graphic in a colour and shape that suits you.

Overall, be sure that everything you wear is in alignment with your true self and you’ll always be happy in (and out) of your closet.

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  1. Great article Katherine! Love your comment about using fashion to express yourself, to show who you really are.

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