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The Beauty of Being an Entrepreneur

By Katherine Lazaruk on Aug 29 2011 • Filed under Balance,Image Intensive

The Beauty Trap can suck away your energy, making it hard to concentrate on business (Photo)More than 85% of women admit that they feel bad about themselves. Let me repeat that. More than 85% of women feel bad about themselves. That’s an appalling statistic, especially since no one, NO ONE comes into this world thinking, “Woo hoo! In this life I’m going to torture myself with unrealistic expectations and false perceptions and feel bad about myself daily!”

As an entrepreneur, you are your business, especially in the first stages and any second you spend in the ‘Beautiful Trap’ means that you have one less second to connect with the women around you and perhaps create a moment where you both realize you’re exactly perfect and exactly in the right spot at the right time.

What is the ‘Beautiful Trap?' It’s the place where your perception of beauty doesn’t equal whatever it is you see when you look in the mirror. In this place, you feel that every other woman has it together, you’re intimidated by seeing them look all put together at networking meetings and you find yourself thinking ‘they really know what’s going on, they’re so beautiful and successful and I’m not.’

You’re so busy making assumptions about how great ‘they’ are that you’re completely forgetting they’re busy making exactly the same assumptions about you. You’ve probably heard the phrase, "When you assume you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me.’" Sure, you think, that’s old news, what does that have to do with beauty and me as an entrepreneur? Here’s the thing. It’s a self-made prison that will keep you down forever. This attitude of assumption is creating isolation, depression and self-deprecation on a massive scale and the worst part is it does NOTHING to further our businesses, our lives and ourselves.

Last week I suggested to a client that she was beautiful. She looked at me in horror and immediately started coming up with all the reasons why that couldn’t possibly be true. When she finally ran out of steam I asked her the same questions I’m going to ask you right now.

“Do you love to eat great food?”
“Do you love to watch a great sunset?”
“Do you enjoy your time with friends?”
“Do you delight in hearing music?”
“Are those things beautiful?”

If you agree that these things are in fact, beautiful, as she did and you consume these beautiful things, then you are full of beauty, therefore ‘beauty-full’. Nothing is more ‘beauty-full’ than a woman who lives by taking in beauty and nothing is more attractive than an entrepreneur that allows her beauty to shine out.

As I challenged her, I challenge you too. Get out of the Beautiful Trap. Here’s how:

1. Notice the beauty that is passing you by daily. Take it in and let it shine out.

2. Catch yourself when you notice you’re in the Beautiful Trap and step out by reminding yourself you are ‘beauty-full.’ If you’re at that meeting with those women, then you’re meant to be there, you belong there and you need to start making your connections.

3. Take someone else out of the Trap with you.

Don’t wait. Do it today. Do it together. It’s time.

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