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How to: Keep the Faith No Matter What

By Carmen Jubinville on Aug 17 2011 • Filed under Balance,How-To

How to keep the faith no matter what (Photo: Shannon Pifko)If you’re working toward being, doing or having something, chances are you experience both good days and bad days in terms of progress. For example, if you’re trying to save money, start a business, declutter your life, lose weight, find true love, etc. you know what it’s like to progress and regress in terms of your thinking.

I often remind my readers how important it is to keep the faith.

In fact, losing faith in what we’re working toward may be one of the biggest reasons we fail. Many people who give up, quit only because they have lost faith in what they’re doing; for some reason they decide it isn’t working or that it will not work.

Here are 5 very powerful and simple ways you can keep the faith when working toward your desires.

1.     Get out of your own way.

Often times when we’re working toward something there is an element of trust that God or the Universe will have a hand in helping us succeed.But if we’re constantly hanging on to a ‘certain way’ or if we insist on controlling absolutely everything, we inadvertently dismiss opportunities, insights and synchronicities that could otherwise help us or make things easier for us. Let go a little, trust that you don’t have to do everything on your own and allow time and space to unfold naturally in your favour.

2.     Acknowledge progress with gratitude.

When you get bogged down with negative thoughts about what your trying to accomplish, this is the perfect opportunity for you to sit down and write what is and has been working for you. This is also a good time to express deep gratitude for what you’ve already accomplished; gratitude is a sure way to cultivate positive thoughts and emotions.

3.     Practice self-care.

In these fragile moments you’re probably banging your head against the wall anyway, so you may as well shift focus for a little while and do something a little more refreshing. Try some of these: take a nap, read your favourite book or watch your favourite show, do something active, sweat, take a bath, etc.

4.     Nurture your faith.

Do this alone and without distractions. Pray, journal, meditate, use affirmations or mantras, walk in nature, etc. Consciously choose positive thoughts about who you are, what you want to do and what you want to have. Remember this: it requires only the desire to be, do or have something in order to make it happen. Know that if you have a strong desire to be, do or have something and your motives for these are for the greater good, rest assured nothing is standing in your way.

5.     Take a step back.

Sometimes we need to be the observer in our own lives. What could you be doing differently? What could you be doing more/less of? Do you require outside support? Do you have lists and are you interacting with those lists often? Do you have too many distractions? Are you planning and scheduling your time?

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