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5 Ways of Marketing Your Business Online

By Abbey Fatica on Aug 09 2011 • Filed under Marketing

Promoting your business online means networking, increased sales (Photo: Gabriella Fabbri)As a business owner, it is hard to market your company alone. It takes a lot of time and effort to spread the word around if you aren’t utilizing multiple means of marketing. Getting on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are crucial to marketing a business in this day in age, but are you using them to their fullest potential? In the past, I’ve mentioned that it’s important to engage with your followers in the social arena, but are you going beyond just daily chit chat or customer service? Surround yourself in these networks with other people that you trust, even people that are considered your competitors, to help you market your product. Collaborating with other people is a highly lucrative way to increase sales to your business. They are able to tell other people outside your network how great your product/service is and why they should invest their money in you.

Joining groups is a way to not only network with potential collaborators but they could be future clients as well.In these groups, you have the opportunity to share what you do with your new “colleagues” but can also ask them to help spread the word to their other groups about your business. In turn, you then share information about their services to your tribes. It’s a win-win situation for all!

The following is a general list of groups that I have found to be useful in joining so that you not only build your network of followers but gain potential clients along the way. And the kicker is, they are all free for their basic services!


Every time you publish a new post, Triberr sends it to everyone in your tribe and they tweet it to their followers. You do the same for everyone in your tribe. All this is automated, of course.

Facebook Fan Pages/Groups:

Sharing your sales, news, and connecting with your community about what is going on with your business. These pages also allow you to use different applications to sell products, run giveaways, and promote your business all in one place. Go to other Facebook fan pages of people that have similar interests as you and join in on the conversation.

Twitter Groups/Lists:

Like Triberr but with your own rules. You can set the boundaries with the people that you interact with. You are control of what posts you tweet or retweet. Each participant is able to get something out of this group so it is a win-win situation for all. Not only could your tweets be sent out to potentially thousands of others, your blog posts/sales can get a further reach as well.

LinkedIn Groups:

This is the best way to fully utilize LinkedIn because all the connecting on this site happens in the groups that are built by members all over the world. As a business, you can join as many groups as you want. This gives you an opportunity to  chat with many different types of people so that the ability to promote the company is flawless and comes naturally within the group.


Join forums that are relevant to your business and where you can ask questions of others that will engage them in conversation. Once you get to know people in the forums that you visit on a regular basis then you can go from mundane chit chat to turning your acquaintances into clients. Treat a forum like a cocktail party. Yes, you are going to shoot the breeze for awhile about your daily life but then you also want to mention what you do for a job everyday to draw people into your business.

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