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5 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing

By Narges Nirumvala on Aug 01 2011 • Filed under The Power Communicator

Hello. This is Narges Nirumvala, the Power Communicator, with my first "video column" for Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine. I’m excited because I’ve decided to talk about video. What better way to do a video column than to talk about video? I love video; I have a thriving YouTube channel and use video in all aspects of my business. Today I’m going to talk about five ways that you can use video in your marketing and communications strategy.

A welcome video.

First you can create a video welcome for your Facebook fan page or your website. This is great because it’s easy – you’re just telling people you’re glad they that they arrived; you’re engaging and interacting with your prospective clients for the first time. What could be easier?

Interview someone.

Take your little video camera with you where ever you go. I do it myself, you can go to my YouTube channel (just search under my name, Narges Nirumvala) and you’ll see that I’ve interviewed people in the past. So let’s say you go to a networking event – take your video camera with you and interview the speaker. I promise you 9 times out of 10 they will say yes, because it promotes them too.

Have someone interview you.

So let me set the scene: you’ll create a set in your living room and make sure there’s enough lighting. You’re going to practise the questions ahead of time. You’re going to control the timing, remember studies have shown that people like YouTube videos that are between 60-90 seconds long. It doesn’t have to be a long interview – do something that tells people about you.

Review something.

Fourth you can create a video that reviews something. You could review business books, movies, products or services – you can review anything. My only rule of thumb is to be respectful and be as positive and empowering as possible. Don’t be a downer in a review, people really don’t want that.

A video clip of you speaking.

The fifth way to use video is to take your video camera with you and have someone record you when you are giving a keynote, sales presentation, seminar or something like that. I’m surprised how many people don’t have video clips of themselves speaking. So many of you out there must be using speaking as a vehicle to get more business, if you are you should be having video clips of you speaking, short ones, you’ll see on my YouTube channel that most of mine are under three minutes.

So we’ve gone through five ways that you can use video in your marketing and communication strategy. But there’s no point in just listening to me; you need to take action. The key to propelling your business to new heights is to take action! Pick one thing that I’ve talked about today and make it happen for your business. Until next month, Namaste.

Using video in your marketing plan to promote your business (Photo of studio)

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