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Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing! – Part 4

By Ellen Rohr on Jul 28 2011 • Filed under Marketing

Self-Marketing tips to get the phone ringing (Photo)

Welcome to the final installment of Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing!

In Part 1 of Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing, I covered some ways for you to think more positively and focus on the success you want in your marketing, as opposed to the 'tornados' that can get in your way.

In Part 2 and Part 3 we brainstormed ideas on what you can do to market yourself. Part 4 continues with yet more ideas to help you self-market. One way to use this list is to print it off and keep it handy. You may even want to create a Getting it Sold binder to keep these ideas in and keep track of what works best for you. Don't forget to add you own ideas!

  1. Go to tradeshows and have plenty of business cards handy.

  1. Send emails.

  1. Send a note, make a call to newly registered business owners. Find the list in the local Business Journal or check into it at City Hall.

  2. Send a direct mailer to a target market list…found in your phone book.

  3. Consider a Yellow Page display ad. Ask others in your market with whom you don’t compete for experiences. This is a pricey exercise…learn from others what works.

  4. Go door to door. Find a nice mall or business park…hire someone (maybe your kid) and have them distribute fliers or coupons for you.

  5. Check into billboards. Again…learn from others before you jump in.

  6. Send a Thank You bouquet or cookie basket to the local fire station, school, police station.

  7. Hand out instant tattoos to kids with your logo and number. A parade is a good place to do this.

  8. Sponsor a golf hole at a local tournament. Offer $1 million for a hole in one. You can buy insurance for this for an affordable price.

  9. Write a column for the local paper, business journal.

  10. Create cards for all your employees. Jeffrey Gitomers employees all have Super Hero titles… Order Fulfillment Man!

  11. Buy concert tickets, choir tickets for the High School productions and hand them out to customers, nursing homes and senior groups.

  12. Every time an employee gets a compliment from a customer, deliver a nice note and a gift certificate for a local restaurant.

  13. Have an Octoberfest Brat Fry and invite the neighborhood.

  14. Park a backhoe in the yard, with the bucket up…holding a clever sign or character…maybe YOU?

  15. Send personalized Thank You cards, Birthday cards, Happy “Business Owners Appreciation Day” cards.

  16. Honor money clients have lost with your competitors. Make good on someone else’s promise.

  17. Give out free HOW TO fliers to clients. How to exercise, ease pain, arrange your desk ergonomically, talk to your doctor, etc. Whatever your area of expertise is.

  18. After you provide service to your customer, give them a report card…so that they can see the value and be more proactive in the process.

  19. Seek out folks who NEED you and send them a personal note. “I was driving by and noticed the wear and tear on the Southeast corner of the roof. Did you get ‘tagged’ by that tornado last week? That was something! I can fix that for you before it becomes a bigger problem (leaky roofs create lots of other problems.) Would it be convenient for you if I stopped by on Tuesday evening? I’ll call to make sure.”

  20. Job signs on current jobs.

  21. TESTIMONIALS. If you do only ONE thing…make sure you get testimonials from your happy, delighted, love-you customers! Make them into newsletters, emails, pictures on your website, voice messages, postcards.

  22. More testimonials!

  23. MORE!

  24. Customize water bottles and hand them out at community events.

  25. Co-sponsor the water bottles with a Youth Organization.

  26. Just go out and run your mouth off to anyone who will stand still long enough!

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