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Couch to 5K: One Mom’s Journey Back to Health

By ML Broxton on Jul 26 2011 • Filed under Health

Entrepreneurs find fun ways to stay fit (Photo of woman jogging)"With this new body makeover in mind, I got great cute hot pink running shoes…"

Last week, I began on a journey called “Couch to 5K”. It is, in summary, my big push toward getting my mojo back. Not 20’s mojo, mind you…I’m in my mid-30’s…just something resembling the way I used to look and feel in my clothes. Plus, my energy level has been in the tank and getting fit is supposed to help. Someone will have to explain to me sometime how using energy creates energy.

Just like you, I read the magazines in waiting rooms and in line at Wal-mart. Let it be known that I am not one of those already cute and skinny people who is faking the need to work out. In fact, here’s the timeline of my fat:


24 years old. Skinny, even though I thought I was fat. Wanted to be in a size four instead of size eight. Did not know I was being stupid to think such thoughts.


25 years old. Prime of my life. Running 2.5 miles four times a week. Best shape of my life. Touring with a country act. On top of the world and totally emotionally lost. Met my husband, who played the part of an Italian mother, chiding "eat, eat!" Gained 20 pounds.


28 years old. Working on my M.B.A. Ready to get back in shape, started working with a personal trainer. Couldn’t quite get a flat belly. Belly continued to grow until a baby named Ava popped out. She is totally worth it. laugh


31 years old. New job. Finally lost 90 of the 100 pounds I gained in 2005 while pregnant and pumped full of drugs to keep Ava from making her grand entrance too early. Hubby and I decided to adopt. Got approved. Got carsick one weekend and later that year popped out our Little Man. Weight? Oh yes, add another 100 pounds from all the drugs injected into my buttocks to keep all grand entrances planned and on schedule.


Hello! 34 years old. Lost 77 lbs of the 100 lbs I gained while incubating Little Man. He was totally worth it, too laugh Now, I’m flabby in places I don’t really want to talk about. My kids can’t understand my body. It’s like a fun puzzle they try to put back together. Enter, running.

My friend and former colleague, Meeps, has turned into a running queen. Her “I did it!” posts on Facebook have motivated me to get back into shape. So, I am going to try my hand at the Couch to 5K  running plan, which she and a zillion other Facebookers recommend. It’s because I have watched Meeps and another bookworm colleague, Theresa, turn into fabulously-fit-runners-post-kids that I share this journey with you. They inspired me and, in turn, I hope this journey inspires you to take the first step toward making great choices for your own health and happiness.

First, let’s go over the basics. 5K is not five miles, for my fellow Americans who, like me, know literally nothing about the metric system. It’s 3.1 miles. See? That’s achievable, right? Right. Plus, I really like the fact that we can be honest about the amount of time my behind has spent on a couch over the last 5 years.

With this new body makeover in mind, I got great cute hot pink running shoes at Hibbett Sports. I tried to seem like I totally knew I was talking about, however; my flabby body may have betrayed me to the practiced eye. The shoes are hot pink, they feel great, and at this point it’s all about motivation to actually put them on and do something, so all is well.

Here’s the plan:

Follow the “Couch to 5K” training program and run in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 5K in Rolla on September 24, 2011. The training program requires 30 minute training sessions 3 days per week for 9 weeks.

Stay tuned for my next post where I tell you how my first week went.

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  1. I am into week 4 of a 9-week programme called “Learn to Run”. Same concept: go from couch potato to “runner” so that I can start participating in charity running events. Good luck to you! BTW I’m 57.

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