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Review & Give-Away: Silk Spa Creations Candles (CLOSED)

By Cathy Watters on Jul 16 2011 • Filed under Reviews

(Give-Away ends: August 14, 2011)

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I recently had the chance to try out Silk Candles by Silk Spa Creations and I found them quite fun! These unique candles do double-duty; in addition to being scented candles, you can use the melted wax as a massage oil.

Silk Spa Creations owner Trista Laborn started her business to help people enjoy handmade bath and body products that don't contain chemicals harmful to people or the environment.

Because these candles are made with all-natural ingredients, including 100% pure soy wax, organic olive oil, shea and coco butters, they have a low melting point. This means the freshly-melted massage lotion is cooler than regular melted wax.If you like it hot, you can use it right away without worrying about getting burned.It stays in liquid form for several minutes, so if you like it warm, you have the option of waiting for it to cool down.

Some of the candles I tried out include Lavender Vanilla which has an absolutely heavenly scent; Relaxation Blend (imbued with lavender and rose essential oils), Sore Muscle Blend (eucalyptus, orange, rosemary and peppermint essential oils) and Hazelnut (it smells like flavoured coffee!)

The Sore Muscle Blend plays a neat trick on my nose. Sometimes I smell the eucalyptus. Other times, I smell the rosemary. I love the fact that both the Relaxation Blend and the Lavender Vanilla contain lavender essential oil. In addition to being one of my favourite scents, lavender is reputed to enhance relaxation, aid sleep, and remedy headaches.

Okay, so how do they work?

First, a little goes a long way. It really does! The massage lotion spreads easily. It leaves your skin shiny for a little while but feels less greasy than regular massage oil. I tried it on my hands and used it to massage my feet; I like the light scent and found that when I used it right out of the shower, the lotion absorbed immediately, leaving no shine.

One of our writers, Matt Mayer, tried out Hazelnut and Mental Clarity. He liked Mental Clarity best because it of the peppermint scent. He didn't find it greasy, but noticed it left a waxy feeling on his hands. He was impressed that such a tiny amount went such a long way and expects the candle to last awhile because of it. He also noticed the scent disappeared after just a few hours. This can be a good thing: you don’t necessarily want to go to a client meeting smelling like hazelnut coffee or eucalyptus.

He gave it a thumbs down for every day use as a hand lotion because it isn't as effective as regular moisturizing creams and he feels the process of lighting the candle and waiting for it to melt takes too long. However, he gives it two thumbs up for use as both a massage oil and a scented candle. He loves that it’s made of natural ingredients, pointing out that most of the massage oils and candles he’s used in the past have been full of chemicals. And he likes the price, noting that even if you just use it as a candle, it's comparable to what you'd pay at retail stores with the added benefit of it being an all natural product.

After talking to Matt, I wondered if there were a faster way to use the candles as a hand lotion. I took an unlit candle and rubbed my thumb back-and-forth along the top. In just a few seconds, the wax was soft enough to rub onto my hands and the result was virtually shine-free. I've used the short-cut several times now, and I love how the candles leave my hands smelling so nice. But in the end, I actually prefer taking the time to pamper myself by lighting it and waiting for the massage candle to melt. Not only does it fill the air with a light scent, but I find it calming to watch and fun to use.

Prize Give-Away, Entrepreneurial Woman (Photo: Chris Meier)

About Trista's Store

When you visit Trista’s store, Silk Spa Creations, on, you'll see that she lists 4 oz candles and a body scrub. She also sells 8 oz candles (which may not be listed yet) and she creates custom orders — for example, if you want party favours for birthdays or bridal events, she can do up something for you. So, if you don’t see the scent you want or you prefer the larger candle, just send her a message via her store.

The Give-Away

Trista is giving away two Silk Spa Creations prize packages to Entrepreneurial Woman readers (anywhere in the world) consisting of 4 oz and 1 oz candles. The winners get to choose the fragrance of the 4 oz candles, and Trista will choose the fragrance of the 1 oz candles.

1st Place: will receive a Prize Package that contains two (2) 4oz candles and two (2) 1 oz sample candles

2nd Place: will receive a Prize Package that contains one (1) 4oz candle and two (2) 1 oz sample candles

(See the photo for sizes: the round tins are 1 oz and the square tins are 4 oz and 8 oz .)

DEADLINE: Midnight (PST) August 14, 2011


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Required Entry:

You only have to do this one to be entered into the giveaway.

Visit Trista’s Etsy shop: first, then return here and tell us (1) one thing you learned about Silk Spa Creations or its products.


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