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Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing! – Part 3

By Ellen Rohr on Jun 27 2011 • Filed under Marketing

Successful Entrepreneurs get the phone ringing through marketing.  (Photo)

In Part 1, we covered the importance of focussing on positive things you'd like to have happen in your business, and in Part 2, we started brainstorming ideas on how you can market yourself on a shoe-string budget. In Part 3, we continue brainstorming! Remember, add your own ideas as you get them.

  1. Park your truck in the Home Depot parking lot with a sign that says, “Do you REALLY want to do it, or do you want us to do it for you.” If Home Depot kicks you out, you might create a publicity opportunity.

  1. Park a truck in high visibility places.

  • Interstate entrances. If it’s safe to do so!

  • Grocery stores.

  • Schools.

  • Movie theatres.

  • Parks.

  • Sporting events.

  1. Find a parade. Park the truck next to the parade route. Hand out water from the back of the truck.

  1. Fax a “Not an Emergency” offer to 30 good customers. Your schedule is flexible this week. If the problem isn’t an emergency, you can give a discount and schedule it to fit when it fits.

  1. Write a controversial Letter to the Editor.

  1. Post it on their internet version of this paper.

  1. Copy and paste it on 7 Blogs on the first day.

  1. Then do it on another 6 blogs on the second day, and so on.

  1. Leave a FUNNY voice message on one of your propect’s phone number.

  1. Have your kid leave a message on the phone number saying “My mom says that if you sign that agreement I may be able to go to college.”

  1. Go to a Jeff Gitomer or Tom Hopkins program.

  1. Listen to one of their CDs in your car.

  1. Then deliver the CD to one of your customers as a gift.

  1. Call your kid’s teacher. Offer to go to your kid’s school and read a story. Wear your service uniform, and arrive in the service truck. Give out product samples!

  1. Put a sign in the window of a good friend’s place of business. Make it a GREAT sign.

  1. Call your service agreement customers and see if they are ready for a checkup.

  1. Change your front office greeting. Make it FUN!!

  1. Change your voice mail greeting. “You’ve always wanted a Harley? Your wife’s most flattering rendition airbrushed on the tank? I am doing something just like that for a movie star client (can’t tell you who) and that’s why you’ll have to leave a message and get in line.”

  1. Learn a clean joke and tell it. Jokes do work. OR…repeat something you heard Letterman or Seinfeld say. Just give them credit.

  1. Put a flag or banner with your logo and number on it on your house, car, family member or pet and wave it proudly.

  1. Call folks who said, “no” to the elective items on your list. Ask them again. No then or no never? How long they are going to continue to lose money before they are ready for a yes? Have fun. Would you like that with a goat? Would you like it with a boat?

  1. Copy the next good sales-making customer service experience you have.

  1. Deliver your brochure directly to the garbage can when you stop in. It will make them laugh. NOBODY buys from a brochure. They buy from people they like. Have fun with your customers.

  1. Mend a fence. Call a less than satisfied customer and apologize. Offer to help with any Plumbing problems to demonstrate how great you really are.

  1. Ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, ask for business. They may say, “Yes, I need your help. Thanks for asking.” And off you go…calls on the board, and business is booming. It really is a matter of you making it happen. It’s easy. It’s something you can do. It may be challenging and fear inducing and a bit stressful to get out there and ask for business, but it is something you can do.

  1. People buy with their HEARTS and emotions. What is your kid’s close rate with YOU? Spend some time analyzing how your kid sells YOU.

  1. Buy a company. It’s easier than you think. Call me if you need help.

  1. Buy a defunct phone number of one of your competitors.

  1. Door hangers…catchy headline, good offer, bright paper.

  1. Host a Coffee Club – we call ours Cup O’Jo Club – at a local coffee shop. We opened it to the public, there are no membership dues and we pay for the first 12 oz cup of regular coffee. This is an informal gathering to discuss current events, meet people, showcase your business and just have fun. We meet once a month – third Thursday of every month – from 7:30 to 9:00 am.

  1. Attend Chamber functions…and have a snappy Elevator Speech handy.

  1. Exhibit at tradeshows.

Stay tuned for our final section, Part 4, where we finish up with the final list of brainstorming ideas. Feel free to add you comments below on how these have worked for you, and share your low-cost marketing ideas!

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