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How to be Fabulously Successful in One Step

By Carmen Jubinville on Jun 21 2011 • Filed under Balance

How to a successful entrepreneur. (Photo)

I recently had a conversation with my fabulously successful photographer and friend Claudine Lavoie. She has a brilliant photography business, a husband, two kids, two dogs and a really big acreage with enough grass to keep her busy full time. How does she manage it all? Hang on, I’ll tell you in a minute.

You see I have this idea in my head that I should be able to live my ideal life. This includes all sorts of things I want to be, do and have. I have so many ideas that sometimes I make my own head spin. But hey, the truth is, I want to have a fabulously successful life! And who doesn’t? I have a feeling that a lot of women are thinking the same thing.

So how can a woman be fabulously successful?

She really only needs ONE thing!


(Yep, you got it…my fabulously successful friend Claudine has support!)

Now this doesn’t mean passing off all sorts of work onto our hubbies…they’ve got a busy life too. And while it might be nice that mother-dear wants to pitch in, it’s not fair to ask her to be your consistent support system either without paying her. She’s done her share already.

Instead, a woman who desires a fabulously successful life will hire support. This way she can have support as often as she needs and she can delegate jobs without feeling guilty. (Let’s face it, we don’t want to ask mother-dear to scrub our toilets every week. Unless of course we’re paying her.)

Women have a tonne of responsibilities these days but not only that, they also have creative visions for what they want in their lives. This is a good thing. But when a woman tries to do everything all on her own, it often becomes a one-way ticket to burn-out.

You see, trying to accomplish everything is just not possible without something major falling through the cracks. Unfortunately this “something major” can often be our marriages, our children or ourselves. We never plan to let these things fall through the cracks, but it’s just inevitable when we’re trying to do too much without the proper support in place.

Imagine how great it would feel to have support in your life so you could be your very best each and every day! Sounds fabulously successful doesn’t it?

When I began my coaching business I hired a teenage girl to come into my home 10 or so hours a week to look after our kids, cook some meals and clean my house. Some days she would come over and I would just sleep! I’m a real fan of getting the support you need in order to take care of yourself in the ways you need it most.

I recently coached a stay-at-home woman who hired a teenager to babysit so she could take some time for herself. It was challenging for her to do this because she believed she should be able to handle it all on her own. But here’s the thing: kids need a break too. Getting a babysitter so mom can go out and take care of herself (or even just tuck herself into bed for an hour nap) is not only good for mom, it’s also awesome for the kids!

We might think having a fabulously successful life comes in the form of bling or other interesting things. But really, being fabulously successful usually means you have the neighbor’s teenage son or daughter loading your dishwasher, sorting through your recycling, cutting your lawn, playing with your kids or doing your laundry.

Do you want to be fabulously successful? Ask yourself these questions:

  • “What can I delegate?”
  • “Who can I hire?”
  • “When can they start?”

When you get this in order, consider yourself fabulously successful!

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  1. Support also comes in the form of advice and knowledge. Everyone needs a supportive network in order to succeed because success is the ability to balance your life.

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