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Are Your Bean Poles Too Short?

By Natasha Golinsky on Jun 20 2011 • Filed under Balance

Believe in your business. (Photo)

For my 30th birthday this past year two of my resolutions were to start a second business and to plant a vegetable garden. Although I have built a business before I have never ever planted anything but I figured "how hard can it be?" I drove down to the local Home Depot, hit the gardening section and asked for the easiest vegetables to grow. Beans came out at the top of the list so beans it was.

Home I went with a pack of bean seeds and the bean-poles I would need for them to grow up on. I had been recommended to get bean poles that would be at least 4 feet tall but I opted for the 2-foot tall poles thinking "it’s a tiny seed, how tall can it get?" (Already I’m sure you can see how naive I was about gardening).

For weeks absolutely nothing was happening with those beans. My sons (ages 4 and 3) gave up on our gardening project and I was having my doubts. About a month later tiny, tiny, cute little sprouts started popping through the dirt. Again it seemed like even more weeks went by and they were not getting bigger and I truly saw little hope for our tiny beans.

"…put more faith in yourself and truly expect that you have what it takes inside of you to win…"

It was about three weeks ago when I realized we had a problem. The tiny beans that I doubted would survive were about 1 foot taller than my bean poles and I started to feel guilty for not putting more faith in those tiny seeds and for not having an environment ready for them to truly succeed. I had not prepared for their success and it got me thinking. Am I truly planning for success in my business?

In November I was a $10 domain name and a funny blog but am I truly expecting big things from God in my business?

God put the potential inside of those seeds to be tall and be fruitful. How much more does He love us? His goal for our lives is that we might also produce much fruit in the area to which He has called us. Do you (like me) need to put more faith in yourself and truly expect that you have what it takes inside of you to win in a big way? I think we all need a little more belief.

Anyways, I have to end this blog because I’m going to the store to buy some 6-foot bean-poles. I believe in you little beans!

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