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Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing! – Part 2

By Ellen Rohr on May 23 2011 • Filed under Marketing

Self-Marketing for entrepeneurs is important for profitability.

In Part 1 of Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing, I covered some ways for you to think more positively and focus on the success you want in your marketing, as opposed to the 'tornados' that can get in your way.

In Part 2, we start brainstorming ideas on what you can do to market yourself. Parts 3 and 4 will also contain lists of ideas. You may want to create a Getting it Sold binder to keep these ideas in. Go ahead and be creative! Add ideas to the list from your own experiences as well.

When faced with an empty callboard, pull this list out and DO SOMETHING that will make the phone ring. Save, edit and expand this list! (You may not agree with every idea and that's okay. The point of brainstorming is to wake up the muse and get the creative ideas flowing.)

  1. Call your own phone numbers. Make sure they are working.

  1. Call other companies and see if they are so busy that they are turning away work. If so, offer to help…and take the overflow.

  1. Go to a restaurant, hotel or office building and find a plumbing problem. Offer to fix it.

  1. While driving to the restaurant play ROCK music. Something from high school (football? Volleyball?) Something that energizes you. Energy is contagious.

  1. Open Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson and do whatever is on the page.

  1. Does the weather pose a publicity or public service opportunity? Fax 10 Drought Survival Tips to the local radio station. Email Heat Beaters tips for staying cool to the local newspaper. Flood flyers…why not?!

  1. Call the radio station and offer to do a call-in show. “Bridge” a broad interest topic to something you can help folks with. Topic ideas:

  • Things to know BEFORE you start your business…or buy your home, get divorced, get married…
  • Do people love their pets (motorcycles, cars, collections) too much?
  • Bio-terrorism; what would happen if the water supply were damaged? The Plumber’s perspective, the health pros perspective.
  • To drug test or not to drug test. Invasion of privacy or essential to business people everywhere.
  • Breaking Stereotypes. No More Buttcrack Plumbers, Swinging Stewardesses or Good for Nothing Kids.
  • Survey: Seat left up or down? Toilet paper, over or under?
  1. Wear a costume. Colonel Sanders started his chicken empire at the age of 65. He donned a white suit, with a black string tie, and traded 11 secret herbs and spices for a nickel a batch. 60 years later, KFC has 12,000 stores and the Colonel is the BRAND. Put a costume on…and press some flesh.

  1. Craft an Elevator Speech, a 10 second introduction of you and your company that’s so compelling that people listening respond, “Wow, that’s interesting. Tell me more…”

Here’s what an Elevator Speech is not: “I’m just a Plumber.” A good Elevator Speech is: “Have you ever taken time off to meet a service person, only to have him or her stand you up? Don’t you hate that? At Benjamin Franklin the Punctual Plumber, when we say we’ll be there, or we’ll give you a Benjamin Franklin (a $100 US dollar bill)”

At Bare Bones Biz, our elevator speech is, "do you ever wake up in the middle of the night stressing about MONEY? Making payroll? Do you know WHY you aren’t making any money. I can FIX that for you." Craft your Speech and give it to 10 people a day.

  1. Make your business card MORE FUN. Add something personal, clever. Add a new title – Jeff Gitomer's card says Super Hero. Mine says KNOW IT ALL. And make a point of giving them out. Put it on your calednar as a goal to give out 10 per day on certain days.

  1. Make yourself a sale GRID. Do something that adds value to the relationship with each contract. Check off every box in the grid.

  2. Contact the manager of your local supply house. Ask her if she will make sure that your name is recommended to DIY’ers who show up at their counter, in over their heads.

  3. Trade out. Trade plumbing work for marketing, publicity, radio time and promotional items, as well as for other services that you may need.

  4. Work on an employee’s home plumbing problem. Then, canvas the area and offer to work on neighbors’ homes. Yep, door-to-door. Use a bullhorn.

  5. Add some of your own ideas below, in the comments section.

Next month we'll continue with more marketing ideas to help you spark your creativity and promote your business.

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