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Part 2 – On That Note: Tips for Sending Handwritten Notes

By Cathy Kuzel on May 23 2011 • Filed under The Connected Woman

Handwritten notes are an effective marketing tool.

Would you like a little something that would help you stand out from your competitors? Something that gets you noticed? Something that just might give you a distinct edge? Something simple, different and easy to implement that costs just pennies?

Last month’s article Part 1On That Note: Effective Marketing on a Shoestring shared “Why” handwritten notes are effective even in today’s digital world of communication. This month we’ll share five simple ways on “How” to use a handwritten note.

5 Simple Ways to Use Notes:

1. Thanks!

If you really want to create an impression, send a thank you card after you close a sale. Everyone else who sells to your client will give a verbal thank you and many will send an automated email once the data is in the computer. Few, if any, will take the time to pen a note and give their client an authentic “thanks.”

Here’s another tip. How many times have you received a thank you note just because you made an inquiry or asked for a quote? Right – NEVER! Send a personal note to say thank you when a prospective client does just that. Your prospect may be surprised and flattered by the gesture but the end result is that they tend to take a closer look at your proposal or quote. Even if you don’t get this contract, you plant the seeds of goodwill for the NEXT one.

2. Way to Go!

Send notes to congratulate your customers and business associates when they have an achievement, promotion, a memorable event or they are changing jobs.

3. Remember Me?

Use a postcard to say “Hi” and stay in touch. For the same reason we don’t write notes, we have clients who we haven’t spoken to in a while. (Where does the time go?) It doesn’t need to be custom printed with your logo and smiling face – use the ones you find in the drugstore. Choose a picture that reflects your city, or might remind your client of you. Cheap and cheerful!

4. Follow Up.

Use notes attached to information as a follow up and help move the sales cycle along. “Carly, I thought you might find this valuable in your research.”

Attach a handwritten note to an article that you found in a CURRENT newspaper, trade magazine, or newsletter. Send it to your client with a note that says, “Elizabeth, I thought of you when I saw this article and thought you might enjoy it.” This personal touch can be far more effective than sending ANOTHER product brochure!

If your client has a hobby or an interest, leverage it and use it as the reason for your note. I have a customer who loves to cook and entertain. I sent him a food magazine that my aunt brought back from the Czech Republic with a short note attached. He called me as soon as he got it! (Of course I offered to translate!)

5. And if you really need an excuse . . .

After you’ve sent that note with the article or newspaper clipping, call your client. “Hi Jack, it’s Cathy Kuzel. I was calling to follow up on that article in Business in Vancouver regarding the YES! You Can! Conference. What’s your take on it?” Having an opening and asking a question like this will work much better than the usual, “Hi Jack, just calling to touch base with you.” (What does ‘touch base’ really mean anyway?)

Notes can be the ‘tipping point’ that enables you to stand out in the crowd. In this highly competitive world of business, The note you send today could possibly give you new business tomorrow.

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