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The Yin and the Yang of Authentic Marketing

By Karen Dodd on May 01 2011 • Filed under New Clients by Design

Authentic Marketing balances energy with relaxation.

As this article is being written so close to the Easter weekend, where many workers had four days off, it seemed timely to discuss the interesting opposites and inter-dependent forces in our business lives.

As with many holidays and long weekends, they represent times to reflect and most particularly, to take time out to celebrate or remember the occasion with friends and family. For those of us who work from home, it can sometimes be a challenge to stay off the computer or out of our office.

Because I wrote my last article on the need to adopt a "sense of urgency" in your marketing, I had already begun thinking of writing something to put that principle into some kind of perspective, specifically the Yin and the Yang of who we are and what we do.

That idea was cemented when my husband spent two days of this long weekend building a rock patio on the point of our seaside home. He had worked so hard, bringing in the rocks and setting them in place, all without any request for advice from me. When it was all done, I looked out our upper floor window to see that without realizing it, he had formed the flat rocks in the classic symbol of Yin and Yang!

Definition of Yin and Yang

According to Wikipedia,Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity and nighttime.

Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and aggressive; and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime.

The principle of yin and yang is represented in Taoism by the Taijitu (literally meaning "diagram of the supreme ultimate") diagram. The term is commonly used to mean the simple 'divided circle.'

How Yin and Yang Influences Your Business

Although many people think that Yin and Yang are polar opposites, the truth is that they are interdependent and eventually, their cycles flow together. Why? Because they are always seeking balance.

When you work in all-out "spurts" during that sense of urgency I encouraged you to adapt in your marketing (the Yang), it's important to regularly step back and balance that short-term frenetic pace with a slower, more gentle speed (the Yin). I call it building your business "gracefully."

Marketing = Energy

Some entrepreneurs equate marketing with creating money or cash-flow in their business. While that is (hopefully) the end result, would you engage in marketing if you didn't need to build revenues in your business? When you think of marketing in this limited way, it tends to become a "chore," one more thing on your entrepreneurial plate that you "must" do.

Instead, if you think of the task of marketing as simply creating energy and in turn, that energy returns to you in the form of money, it puts a whole different spin on things.

Your Passion + Energy = Authentic Marketing

What if you just relied on the natural energy that you have around the passion for what you do? You know the kind of energy I mean; you get up early, stay up late and work tirelessly on something that doesn't even seem like work.

That natural passion and energy, when plugged into a framework, a map or a blueprint for marketing your business, is what gets you to the place of marketing authentically.

Other words for authentic are: bona fide, genuine, real, true, undoubted, unquestionable. If you truly possess these qualities around what you do, you can't help but be authentic in the way you reach out to share your message (your irresistible marketing messages).

One Last Thing About Balance

While striving for balance in life and in business is important, I am reminded of some advice from successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, Kim Kiyosaki.  I'm paraphrasing, but she said something like, "try standing on one foot until you're perfectly balanced, and then try moving forward. You can't!" Her point was that sometimes we work so hard to create balance in our lives, that we take it to such extremes that we stop ourselves from moving forward.

So, as in the Yin and the Yang, strive to integrate the two extremes: short energetic bursts, with periods of rest and reflection. They depend on each other.

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