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Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing! – Part 1

By Ellen Rohr on Apr 28 2011 • Filed under Marketing

Get the phone ringing with sales using entrepreneurial ideas.

It’s 8:15 am. Your experienced, professional, sales oriented, customer service focused, technically masterful sales team is still at the shop. Ready to go…with nowhere to go. Maybe that sales team consists of just lil’ ol’ you. All dressed up and nowhere to go.


Now what?

It’s up to you. Put on your Marketing Hat, and CREATE some action.

I have ideas…most of these great ideas I got from YOU. Thanks…and thanks for sharing! (I'll present these ideas in Self-Marketing, Parts 2-4.)

Recently, on the TV show Dateline, there was a segment on an out-of-the-ordinary sailboat race. Fortunately, this adventure is captured in its entirety on film because a camera crew was tagging along on the favoured-to-win boat. As the crew worked to increase their lead over the other boats, one of them spotted a ‘water spout’,* a tornado over the open sea. The rest of the crew turned to look at the phenomenon, and the waterspout turned…and headed straight for them.

They zigged and zagged to avoid the tornado but to no avail. The tornado stayed with them** like stink on a working dog. The sailors pulled the sails and lowered the mast. They filled the boat half full of water so that it wouldn’t get sucked up into sky by the force of the massive funnel cloud. The tornado actually settled right on top of them. In fact, the crew PULLED it right on top of them by the power of their focus.

Do you get this? Do you understand that you are so powerful that your every thought, every action is a force of CREATION? The nature of reality is that we are crafting it.

If there are no calls on the board at 8:15 am it is because you have neglected to create them. Your focus has been elsewhere.

We are powerful beings. Watch your words. Words impact reality. Forbid the use of these words at your shop:

  1. Dead: No one’s dying. You just need a few more calls.

  1. Estimate: Estimate means, “No one is buying. Just go over there and give them a price for work that someone else will do.” Instead, use the word Service Call or Sales Opportunity.

  1. Never and always: Get the data and skip the generalizations.

  1. Economy: What difference can you make by discussing the economy? Do your part to help our economy and grow your own business.

Okay, now that you know what words to avoid, let’s look at actions you can take.

  • Discipline your thoughts.

Prioritize and take action on your To Dos and projects. If you turn your focus on the tornado…on the trouble…it will gravitate towards you. It must. That’s how the universe works. If you focus your words, your thoughts and your energy on making the phone ring, the phone will ring, by mandate of basic universal law.

  • Focus on making FRIENDS.


  • Quit looking for the silver bullet.

Instead, do something simple and basic. Maybe the word basic is a problem? It’s reality. Simple things done are more effective than fancy things contemplated.

OK…back to the sailing race from the Dateline story. Certainly, being run over by a tornado is a good enough reason to throw in the towel. The Dateline reporter asked the captain if he ever thought of giving up the race.

“Winners do not neglect to do the easy things that cause success. The definition of ‘easy’ is ‘something I can do.’ ” ~ Jim Rohn

“No!” he replied vehemently. “It was never a question as to whether we would continue to race. If we could, we would. The sail sustained some damage. No big deal. We all assumed that we would continue and that we would win.”

So, the tornado was deviation from the plan. They dusted themselves off, and set sail. They came in a close second, an astonishing achievement when you consider that their competitors didn’t get run over by a tornado. They were the only boat to have to pull their sail and mast down. They came in 25 yards behind the winner, and they are working now to take the trophy back next year.

A “no calls” day is unacceptable. When it happens, make a change. It’s like falling down…and getting up again. It’s like getting distracted, getting blown off course, and responding with a new focus. It’s up to you to turn the tide. And you are vastly capable of it.

* This first video shows actual footage taken by the on-board camera crew.

** This YouTube video shows info on tornado around the 2:50 mark. Includes an interview with crew members.

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  1. Woohoooo! Thanks for your comment. Love that you are getting the creative, fun aspect of making things happen! xo$, Ellen

  2. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful article! I love what you said in the beginning, “Put on your marketing hat and CREATE some action.” That’s what it’s all about!

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