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Stop the Insanity! Blow the Whistle on Body Image Falsehoods

By Carmen Jubinville on Apr 18 2011 • Filed under Health

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Have you ever wondered about that woman who has a fit and trim body? You know, the one who happens to have great skin, perfect children, a trained husband who listens and money to burn so she can fill her closet and take yearly vacations. This is the woman whose life is all that AND a bag of chips. Do you know her? I know I did.

There are a few different reactions when I bring up this woman to other women. One reaction is what I call the perplexed head scratch. This is when it’s a mystery as to how one woman can have it all. The other is what I call the trigger button. This is when “the woman” is referred to as “the skinny bitch.” Then there is the victim reaction. This reaction is usually filled with sad life stories, which offer comfort and justification. And last but not least, the tolerant reaction. This reaction simply accepts that life is the way it is and it will never get any better.

Believe me, I have experienced every single one of those reactions many different times in my life so I do not write this as judge and jury.Here’s what I know: none of those reactions are better than the other. In fact, all of them suggest that such a woman actually exists. And did you know? While you might swear you know such a woman, I can guarantee you she doesn’t live here. Not on this planet anyway.

The belief that such a woman exists is what I call “buying into the insanity.” Even crazier still, is how so many of us women are striving to be her! There’s no wonder woman are burnt out and feeling inadequate.

Unless we become aware of the illusions of body image, this problem isn’t going anywhere. This is why I am eager to blow the whistle on body image any time the opportunity presents itself.

10 realistic facts that every woman should consider when thinking about her own body image:

1. A skinny body and perfect skin does not equal a happy life. I know…I was shocked too!

2. Death is inevitable. When your time is nearing you likely will not be wishing you’d spent more time dieting, exercising or injecting Botox.

3. Because so many women of all ages are depriving themselves and spending nearly every day of the week working out it is now considered normal behavior.

4. Yes, it’s true! Some women are just naturally thin and they are healthy too. But these women are the first to admit they are not without their challenges. Reminder: skinny doesn’t equal happiness.

5. Most women don’t even see their own beauty! Chances are really good that you may be one of them. Can you declare how beautiful you are?

6. Big is beautiful too. There are many confident, sexy and beautiful big women who happen to like their bodies.

7. Being healthy isn’t all about a fit and trim body. A truly healthy person is one who takes a holistic perspective. Addressing your mind, your body and your spirit is key to a healthy lifestyle.

8. There are large sections of magazines that spend quality time and life energy to compare “who wore it best.” Enough said.

9. Those charts in the doctor’s office? Don’t get me started. But let’s just say, “Thanks for the body image booster doc!”

10. Bodies are so important that recently a large clothing chain announced they were marketing a great new “push-up triangle” swim top for girls as young as 7 years old. Seriously?

So while our western society is portraying body image in one way, we can choose our own perspectives. And let me say that I really promote you doing so. In fact, I believe the next generation of women are relying on us to stop this insanity.

I challenge you to blow the whistle on body image. It can be a deeply empowering experience and will surely create a positive and refreshing domino effect!

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