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Secret to Success – You Must Have a Sense of Urgency!

By Karen Dodd on Apr 18 2011 • Filed under New Clients by Design

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Having recently gone through some huge changes in my own business model, complete with significant rebranding, I've been reminded of what often holds entrepreneurs back in growing their companies.

Quite simply, the majority of small business owners, particularly those who are home-based, lack a "sense of urgency."

What A Sense of Urgency Really Means

Before you tune out and think I don't want everything to feel urgent. I'm trying to strike a relaxed and graceful balance in my business; that's why I'm in business for myself, I want to assure you that having a sense of urgency is something you adopt and implement in "bursts."

If you've been following the latest information regarding physical fitness, you'll understand that the premise is to do each activity at your normal pace with one-minute bursts intermittently. After each burst, you revert to your normal pace again.

How To Use Bursts In Your Marketing

Unlike fitness training, having a sense of urgency in your marketing does require longer than 60-second bursts, however it's not a hectic pace that you need to keep up forever. In fact, I strongly suggest that you don't. The key to making huge strides in your business is having the ability to make quick, often imperfect decisions and then implementing those decisions quickly – sometimes at lightning speed.

Why? Because a body (and mind) in motion tends to stay in motion. When you have a great idea, you have to gather the information you need and then act on it quickly. Whatever you do in your business needs to have a high return on investment (ROI) in terms of your money, time and expertise. The sooner you can achieve that ROI the better.

A Real-life Case Study

Last November I made the decision to change my one-to-one business model to a one-to-many association model. I wanted to do this for a variety of reasons, the main ones being the desire to leverage my time and bring like-minded people together to help us get our message out more quickly.

My process in making this changeover was to find out everything I needed to know to change our business model. I did this by hiring a mentor and joining a high-level mastermind. As is often the case, the holidays required taking some time out but at the beginning of January this year, I started the ball rolling again. In February, just prior to my first in-person meeting with my mentor and mastermind group, I had my web designer working on everything simultaneously – a completely new website (while our old one was still up and working for us) and completely new branding of all our free and dues-based membership kits.

As always, there were a few glitches and I caused a number of those bottlenecks myself, but we launched (imperfectly) March 1st. The whole thing from beginning to end actually took four months but from when my small team and I started implementing, it was about eight weeks. Not exactly lightning speed, but still a relatively short period of time.

The Cost of Not Implementing Quickly

During the time of my own transition, there were start-ups as well as extremely experienced entrepreneurs who jumped in at the same time or before me. Interestingly, as of today, many are still struggling with what to call their new organization, what their URL should be and exactly what they should be offering.

As with any new idea, implementing it becomes a process. The longer you drag out that process, the more it is costing you in lost opportunities every single day! Literally.

Until we had the new website up and branding done, I technically had nothing to show anyone. However, during that time I created a "buzz" in my newsletters, solo marketing emails and by picking up the phone to share my vision with prospective joint-venture partners.

The Most Important Key to Having a Sense of Urgency

Interestingly, not one of the joint-ventures that I approached asked me how many people I had on my list or even how many new members we had in our new association. Why? Because even though I didn't have a lot to show them, I had one thing etched so clearly in my mind that you could have wakened me from a coma and I could have recited it word-for-word. That was my VISION.

Not one prospective partner said, "Well I don't know, your website isn't up yet and so I'm assuming you have no new members." Instead, they enthusiastically asked more about my vision, our mission for the new company and how they could be a part of it.

If I hadn't had a sense of urgency and started "flying the plane while I was building it," I would literally have lost out on engaging three new faculty experts, 35 people who signed up overnight for their free membership kits, and at least three speaking engagements that came directly from our launch.

Remember to Rest Between Bursts

Was the relatively short "burst" that was required to grow my business to the next level exhausting? To be completely honest – at times it was. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

But, as is my typical M.O., my husband and I scheduled a 5-day get-away when the biggest part was over (it's never "done;" there's no such thing as marketing nirvana) and now I'm back, recharged and ready to "burst" again.

Your assignment:

How you do anything is how you do everything: regardless of how big or how small YOUR new project is, I encourage you to be 100 percent crystal clear on your vision going into it and then implement with a strong sense of urgency.

Until next time, remember to market authentically so the real you shines through!

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