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Get the Most out of a Seminar by Doing These 3 things

By Cathy Kuzel on Mar 28 2011 • Filed under The Connected Woman

Success through action.

Where Are You Sitting?

As a Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, I have spoken at many functions of many descriptions. I have spoken to groups of ten and once to a throng of 1,000+ and the one thing I have consistently noted, especially in business conferences and sales organizations – almost without exception the top business/sales people are seated at or very close to the front, depending on their vision and the angle of the seats.

Those people who already "know it all" or feel that they do, or those people who think "I've heard it all before," will invariably arrive late or at the last moment. They are also the ones most likely to squirm in their seats, leave early or talk to the person next to them. Conclusion? Front-row people by and large come to educational or inspirational meetings with great expectations. They come prepared to learn and take notes.

Get the Most out of it!

A study at Harvard University revealed that people get the most out of meetings who:

(a) come with the expectation of getting great ideas,

(b) take good notes, and

(c) talk with colleagues about what they learned and compare notes.

In short, these people are winners because they plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win. That's a good approach to life in general, don’t you think? Try arriving early and sit at the front for the next meeting, workshop or conference event. You never know what you’ll learn!


  1. You are absolutely 100% right with this! I see it over and over again and it amazes me every time. I “get” that the winners understand what it takes, but what amazes me, is the “know it alls” will never be open to the teaching and the growing that is available!!
    Whether they are in the front row or the back, their intention will be fulfilled!

    • Good to hear from you Marlene! Having been in the sales industry for many years, you know first hand , that the ‘front’ is where it’s at! How many times have we been giving a workshop (in our past life!) only to have stragglers come in and not only disrupt the course with their entrance, they need to carry on a conversation as well. I have a couple of techniques up my sleeve to either get them to settle down, share their conversation or consider another course in another part of the building! 🙂

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