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7 Keys to Becoming a Better Leader – Part 1

By Catherine Rocheleau on Mar 28 2011 • Filed under Business

How entrepreneurial women can become a better leaders.

Sound leadership involves leading others in a confident and sustainable way. A few cornerstones of good leadership include a clear vision, SMART goals and a solid plan that guide you toward your goals and allow you to evaluate your progress. On a more personal level, there are seven additional elements of leadership you can adopt to improve your ability to lead successfully.

1. Know your strengths and limitations

Life and business present each of us with a never-ending stream of experiences that allow us to learn more about ourselves and others. A good leader learns who they are and what they have to offer – and this learning starts from within.

Each of us have unique strengths and gifts that we have developed through our education and experiences. We bring these skills and abilities to each situation we face from that point forward.When you are aware of your individual strengths and abilities, you are able to recognize what you are good at, what skills, abilities, and insights you bring to the table. What unique gifts do you possess that allows you to bring more value to your tribe?

Often we down-play or ignore our limitations. If you think you know everything about everything, you can be easily led down a path with faulty logic. Ignoring your limitations can also hold you back or cause you to become “stuck”.

A 360o assessment is one tool available to assist you in obtaining good feedback on your strengths and your limitations. If conducted correctly, the information you learn from those you interact with provides a great foundation to grow and develop your leadership skills.

  • What limitation do you have that affects your success or holds you back?
  • Do others agree with your assessment and believe it’s valuable for you to improve on this weakness?
  • What steps will you take to make improvements?
  • How will you stay on track?

2. Be authentic by living in accordance to your values and morals

Authentic leaders know who they are and what they have to offer others. Authentic leaders take initiative and provide insight, influence. Most importantly they also bring integrity to what they lead. Your followers will recognize your integrity and will respect your opinion and your leadership.

Leaders have a major impact on their tribe. Those leaders who live their values and morals are authentic leaders. Living your values and morals can leave you exposed to others. You have to let go of your ego, and allow your true self to shine through – flaws and all.

Morals reflect what we think is good or bad. Values are those key priorities that tell you how to live your life, right now. Values are the rules that help us make decisions, identify what is important; know what is right from wrong and good from bad. Each of us has our own personal values. Our business should also be guided by values. It is important for our personal values to align with the values of our business, and those of our employees or venture partners. Great leaders allow their values to guide their actions and decisions.

When you make decisions that align with your morals and values, things will feel ‘right’ and the path to success smoother. In contract, when you make decisions or act in a way that doesn’t reflect your morals or values, your may experience a ‘bad’ feeling, hear your inner “gremlin” or experience obstacles to your success.

  • Have you clearly identified your personal values and morals?
  • Do you live by your morals and values?
  • Do your morals and values align with your business?
  • If not, what steps can you take to improve the alignment?

Developing and enhancing your leadership skills starts by knowing yourself. It can be tough to hear your limitations, but if presented constructively and received with an open mindset, you will grow and develop.

In Part 2 we will look at attitude and your sphere of influence and how to expand the effectiveness of your leadership skills.


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  2. GREAT website. I got to you through a “friend” on FB. So much great content! I’m a female car dealer in Ct and find a lot of the articles inspiring. Kindly, Jill Merriam


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