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Get that Promotion with Positive Thinking and Feng Shui

By Terri Perrin on Mar 22 2011 • Filed under Balance

Set your intention, then work towards the results.

I decided on the name Fine Art of Intention for my feng shui consulting business because, when practicing this ancient art, intention is everything! Well, not quite everything but at least 70 per cent of it!

When you implement feng shui to cause an energy shift it is not enough to simply paint a wall red, hang a crystal and expect a dramatic change in your life. You have to do the work. And you have to ask the Universe for what you want. When making changes to alter the energy of your environment, only 30 per cent of the feng shui results will come from the physical adjustment, enhancement or cure. The remaining 70 per cent comes from setting your intentions.

Consider this: You are celebrating an extra-special birthday. You have your heart set on receiving a certain diamond necklace but you don’t tell your friends or family that this is what you really, really want.

Your big day arrives and you are presented with a small box. You unwrap the gift with great anticipation, only to find it contains a pearl necklace. That’s not what you wanted! You wanted to look (and feel) like Princess Diana, not the Queen Mother!(Hmm…considering that they are both deceased, that may not be a great example…but you know what I mean!) Despite your best attempt at being grateful, your face shows your disappointment and your family is upset.

How could they have known what to buy you, if you didn’t at least drop a few hints?

The bottom line is that you have to communicate your goals before you can achieve them: at home, at work and for life, in general. You have to focus your attention on your intention.

To set powerful intentions you must know what you want, visualize the change and expect the result.

Here’s a feng shui method to supercharge your intentions:

Step one:

Use a new red pen, not a computer, typewriter, smart phone or tablet to write your goals down. The colour red is recommended because it is considered to be a powerful energy enhancer. As you write, visualize the positive outcome that you desire. Do not cloud your thoughts with the ‘what if’ challenges of change. Think ‘what next?’ Think – and write – positive!

Once done, place the sheet of paper in a red envelope or a silver box. Can’t find a silver box? Make an envelope out of tin foil.

Step two:

You need to learn about the BTB Feng Shui Bagua map. To apply the bagua (pronounced bah-gwa) over your entire home, a single room or even an office cubicle simply divide the floor plan into nine equal-sized squares. Place the bagua map with the Career area (or gua) on the wall that holds the main entrance to the space. (Note that the actual entrance can be in any of the bottom three sections.) Label the nine areas accordingly to the bagua chart below.

Step three:

If you used a red envelope, put it underneath or beside a plant (to multiply its strength) and place it in the Fame, Career, Knowledge or Helpful People area of the bagua map.

If you used a silver box, place it in the Helpful People sector. The colour for this sector is grey/silver and the Natural Element is metal. That’s why a silver box is used.

Step four::

Leave the envelope (or box) untouched for nine weeks.

Step five:

Forget about the envelope or box for a while and focus on your attention on your intention. Visualize the result happening step by step, including the beginning, middle and end. Invoke the five senses to make it real.

Visualize yourself doing well at your current job, achieving and surpassing sales targets, earning the respect of your co-workers and clients. Remember, if you focus on all the difficult challenges to achieve your goal, then that’s what you manifest–more challenges.

Step six::

After nine weeks, retrieve your intention list from its box or envelope and review it. You may not always receive exactly what you asked for, but you can expect things to have changed. If nothing has happened you have to ask: "Did I really do the work?"

If you were passed over for that coveted promotion, consider that maybe, just maybe, the Universe has something better in store for you! Don’t take it personally. Don’t give up! Embrace the challenge of change and try, try again.

The Bagua map











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  1. Its joking

    If nothing has happened you have to ask: “Did I really do the work?”

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