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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb – Fashionably, of course!

By Katherine Lazaruk on Mar 21 2011 • Filed under Image Intensive

A full closet can seem like a lion of a mess to get under control.

"In like a lion, out like a lamb," is a common March saying that has been around for many years. If you’ve never heard it before, it means that when the month starts out stormy, it will end smoothly. Many times you start the year off with the best of intentions in your closet and then March arrives and things still aren’t sorted out. There are clothes that don’t fit, clothes that are waiting to go to the cleaners, clothes that need repair and clothes that you just don’t wear, some with the price tags still attached! Your closet is precious real estate, especially in today’s smaller homes. Are you going to go into the second quarter of the year with that space useless or well used?

If you are still wasting that space, wasting your time and wasting your money by making poor shopping choices, get your inner lion on! March is halfway through and it’s not too late to make your daily routine simple, fast and easy. All ready to get in your closet and ‘git er done? Here are four fabulous foundational elements of image that will help you get a handle on crafting or elevating your perfect look:

1. Colour – Colour can reveal your beauty or hide it, depending on how bold or soft your own colouring is. If you have a high contrast look (very dark hair, very dark eyes), you will look better in deeper, richer and more jewel like colours. If you have low contrast (light hair, light eyes), you’ll look better in lower contrast colours.

2. Body type – Be honest. Wear the clothes that suit your body. Stop hiding behind things that are too big, too tight or too short. Luscious curves deserve luscious curvy clothes. Super straight lines deserve crisp sharp elements that will highlight their bold edges. When you match the clothing styles you wear to the body you have, you create harmony in your overall look, which makes the people around you feel more comfortable on a subconscious level.

3. Personality – Choose clothes that show your personality on the outside. Are you stifling your creativity or romanticism in straight line clothes? Are you hiding your drama behind drab, flowing clothes? Wear something you love; your image will thank you.

4. Lifestyle – Always consider your lifestyle. A busy mompreneur will have different needs than the single child-free solopreneur and therefore different clothing.

A 'lamb' of a closet is one with a well-organized, current wardrobe.

Need a little help before you tear into the closet? Set aside ten minutes to check out  ‘Wardrobe Planning In Five Easy Steps’ and Organize Your Wardrobe to Minimize Stress. This will give you a quick guide to clearing out the space and preparing it for your next purchases. Get into your closet like a lion in March and your month will end with a calm, lamblike wardrobe ready to go.

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