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Review and Give-Away! – “Me Myself & Us” Baking Kits (CLOSED)

By Cathy Watters on Mar 08 2011 • Filed under Reviews


[Thanks for visiting! This Give-Away is closed and we have a winner!]

I originally interviewed Elena Duke, owner of Me Myself & Us in December 2010. Elena is the Canadian distributor of children's baking kits.

Now, I have to tell you something about  myself. I love kits. To me, most kits, regardless of type, are filled with the promise of something new and wonderful to discover. The more complete a kit is, the happier I am. I just really love kits!

So when Elena offered to send me some baking kits to review, I jumped at the chance.

The baking kits from Me Myself & Us are geared towards families or friends spending quality time together, either as a Parent/Child activity, or as part of a children’s party. They include almost everything you need to produce cookies, cupcakes, brownies or Rice Krispies squares.

For example, the Fairy Cookie Kit doesn't just include the cookie dough mix and sprinkles, it also comes with actual cookie cutters. You can get general kits for everyday, or special occasion kits like the “Rice Krispies Treats Dipped Eggs Kit” for Easter.A gardener at heart, I am especially attracted to the “Blooming Cupcakes Kit” which includes “flower pots” to bake the cupcakes in. The pots are actually reuseable, ovensafe silicone cupcake holders.

For this review, I decided to try out the kits with my Girl Guides unit. The unit consists of 16 girls, age 9-11, and two adults. We got permission to use a local school’s kitchen and stove, and we brought in our own pans, utensils, and ingredients.

Pouring the cupcake batter.

We had two types of deluxe kits to play with: the Princess Cupcake Party Kit (which makes chocolate cupcakes) and the Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Kit (which makes vanilla cupcakes). Each kit makes eight cupcakes and contains powdered mixes to make the cupcakes and frosting, as well as various accessories (see below). We just had to add a few more ingredients to make it completed: eggs, oil, butter and powdered sugar.

The Princess kit’s most unique feature is that is has edible decals, which are placed on top of the cupcakes after they’ve been baked, cooled and frosted. It’s like getting two activities for the price of one: first you enjoy mixing and baking the cupcakes, then you get to be creative and “paint” the tops with food colouring. The kit also includes paintbrushes, tubes of frosting (for extra decorating) and cupcake papers.

The Ice Cream Cone kit’s main feature is its reusable silicone cups that are shaped like, you guessed it, ice cream cones. Once you’ve mixed the batter, you pour it directly into the silicone cups. These cups are heat-resistant so they can be placed in the oven, on top of a cookie sheet. If you do it right, then a very cool thing happens: the cupcakes fluff up as they bake and, as they rise above the edge of the cups, they look very similar to scoops of ice cream. You then decorate the tops with frosting and candy sprinkles.

Now, when you’re baking in your own kitchen, you can pretty well guarantee you have everything you need to complete the kits. However, if you’re going offsite (for example, to a Girl Guide meeting in a school) you can run into problems. And wow, did we ever!

Choosing the ingredients.

In a nutshell, everything that could go wrong, did. We accidentally brought granulated sugar instead of icing sugar; the stove wouldn’t heat up to the correct temperature; I miscalculated the amount of butter we’d need (so we didn’t have enough) and most importantly (besides the stove problem) I underestimated the amount of time we needed to complete the project.

As a result, we ran out of time and while some of the girls got to decorate with frosting and sprinkles, no one had time to paint the edible decals. Luckily, the accessories were easy to divide up, and we were able to send all the girls home with their own set of edible decals, “paints,” and paintbrushes.

If I were to do this again, I’d come prepared with a set of pre-baked cupcakes in addition to the kits. Then, while the kids were waiting for their creations to bake in the oven, I’d give them the pre-baked cupcakes to decorate. I’d also check the oven thermometer sooner instead of trusting the stove’s digital readout, and adjust the stove accordingly. (Just to give you a scope of how bad the problem was: the stove refused to heat up past 200 degrees, which is about 125 degrees cooler than it should have been!)

Cupcake Champions!

Given that we couldn’t get the stove to work properly, we ended up with half-baked cupcakes that were liquid in the middle. Several kids gave this the thumbs down; some liked the taste but not the gooey texture; others didn’t like the taste. As one child said on her feedback form, being undercooked made the cupcakes taste weird! We may have had better luck by giving up on the baking (once we discovered the stove problem) and just letting the girls eat the batter out of the bowl. That’s one thing they all seemed to enjoy – tasting the batter!

In spite of all of this, the girls had fun. Each group was responsible for reading through the directions and figuring out how to make the cupcakes in their kit. They had plenty of time to socialize while working through problems together, like how to separate the yolks from the egg whites without an egg separator. They even had a discussion about what to do about the frosting faux pas, and in the end, decided to make it with the granulated sugar.

We asked for feedback on the activity the week after, and they gave us a lot of suggestions on how we could improve it ‘next time.’ Most of it centered around making sure the stove works and we bring icing sugar.

Princess Cupcake Kit, good for parties.

In terms of the activity itself, here are some of their comments:

  • “It was fun to bake.”
  • “It was easy to follow the directions”
  • “I found it unnecessarily difficult and didn’t like it.”
  • “I really liked mixing the batter and the tasting was good.”
  • “It was fun because we got to do it with each other.”

The Give-Away

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