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Feng Shui Your Clothes and Improve Business Success

By Terri Perrin on Feb 21 2011 • Filed under Life

Red is a powerful "success" colour in Feng Shui

Feeling blue? Then don’t wear black!

If the gray skies of winter have you singing the blues, it may be time for you to change your clothes!

According to the principles of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui, everything in our environment, from inanimate objects like stones and furniture to living beings, has an invisible energy force we call ch’i. Whether the ch’i around you is positive and uplifting, or negative and depressing, is often your own choice.

Feng Shui works on the premise that what is closest to us has the most impact on our physical and emotional health. Based on this theory, the colour of your clothes can have a significant influence on how you feel. After all, other than the food we eat, what can be any closer to our physical body than our clothing?

Most business women – me included – own a black or navy blue ‘power suit.’ But did you know that draping yourself completely in such a somber and drab colour before that presentation of a lifetime may not be such a good thing? Black suit, black pantyhose, black shoes…do you really want to look like Catwoman?

Yes, black is a colour of authority and is worn by judges and the clergy. And yes, black is the colour associated with the Career area of the BTB Bagua. (More on that another day.) But consider that in many cultures black is also associated with sadness and mourning or satanic rituals.In a multi-cultural workplace, being the ‘Woman in Black’ may sometimes be a little overbearing or inappropriate. There are times where it does not hurt to show your softer side.

Re-thinking that all-black outfit is especially important if you are feeling depressed, afraid or nervous. Instead of a plain black ensemble, lift your personal ch’i by adding a little colour to your clothing. Red, for example, is a very powerful colour in feng shui and is associated with Prosperity, Fame and Relationships. As an added bonus, when you lift your own energy vibration, the energy of people around you is naturally elevated, too. The uplifting energy of colour – like laughter – is contagious! There is a quote I love that puts this into perspective: Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important!

I am not saying that you should show up for work wearing a Hawaiian Muumuu – unless of course you work at a resort in Hawaii – but it doesn’t hurt to add some pizzazz with a colourful scarf, red shoes or a patterned blouse. You can also empower yourself by jazzing up your intimate wear with a punch of colour or a bold animal print. You can benefit from its powerful ch’i and no-one will see it – unless you want them to!

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it:

In addition to the energy of specific colours affecting our moods and overall health, negative energy is also generated from clutter and disarray, unloved and unused items, and broken or dysfunctional things in our home and work environments. Our environment and our clothing often mirror what is happening in our lives and our bodies.

"The uplifting energy of colour – like laughter – is contagious!"

Take an hour or two this weekend to re-evaluate your wardrobe, including your shoe collection. Are there items you keep out of guilt? How about that sweater given to you five years ago by your mother-in-law. You don’t like it and never wear it so why do you keep it? And then there are your ‘skinny clothes’ taunting you day after day after day. By the time you fit in them, and one day you will, they will be out of style. Let them go! When you lose that last 10 pounds you can treat yourself to something new.

Clear closet clutter by picking up each item and asking yourself:

  1. Do I wear it?
  2. Do I love it?
  3. If it is torn, worn, too small or out of style, can it be altered or repaired?
  4. What would my life be like without it?
  5. Re-hang, discard or re-cycle to a charity as you see fit.

When you make an effort to balance the energy around you – by adding some colour and losing some clothing clutter – the energy within you comes into balance and that creates better health and happiness. I am not saying that Feng Shui alone is a ‘cure all’ for what ails you, but when you improve your mood, you are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. Sometimes, that can be achieved by doing something as simple as choosing to wear your frilly red bra and panties instead of big white Granny briefs! You go girl!


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