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Embrace Who You Are and Roll With It!

By ML Broxton on Feb 21 2011 • Filed under Mompreneurs at work

Love yourself and become a stronger person, better business owner."…be your authentic self…"

The first people to test cloning will, inevitably, be Mompreneurs. We spend our time and energy splitting ourselves between children, a significant other, home, family, friends, and…oh yeah…our business. At any given time, ask a Mompreneur what she has to do and it will likely include a day of pleasing all of the above.

Being pulled in so many different directions, it can sometimes feel like we’re not doing a good job at anything and everyone is suffering because of our inadequacy. [insert loud buzzer sound here]

We are heroes. We have the gumption and stamina to weather every storm that life, family, and business throws at us and still keep charging ahead. We are an awesome force to be reckoned with.

Having said all that, we have to figure out how to keep our battery charged so we can be kind, compassionate, and our best selves in addition to a brilliant business person.

Here are a few tips to continue to be a better person, better mom, and better boss:

Own it.

Whoever you are, get comfortable with it and settle in. This is you, with all your fabulosity and flaws. Once you’ve owned up to who you are, you can start to work through your flaws or manage around them. Plus, you get to feel great about the things that just naturally come easy to you. For example, you might not be a person who starts work at the crack of dawn, but you know you’ll stay up until 2 a.m. to make sure a client is totally satisfied.

Laugh about it.

Seasoned leaders (notice, I didn’t say “managers” – managing and leading are two different things) will tell you that the top three rules of leadership are: be your authentic self, try to be easygoing, and lead with clear vision. Things won’t always go your way; that’s a fact. The best thing you can do to keep the loyalty of your employees is to stay open to change and not be afraid to laugh about a situation, or even at something you’ve done on accident. By finding the humor in a situation, you teach your employees and kids that you’ll have a healthy reaction if they mess up, too.

Define b**ch.

You know what I’m talking about. You call a vendor on not meeting a bid and calmly hand him a cheque for the amount you agreed on, instead of the inflated bill he just handed you. Now, you’re a b**ch, right? There is tons of information written about this on the web, and many great books. Do yourself a favor and read up on why women business owners sometimes get this label and then figure out for yourself if the shoe fits. If it doesn’t, and you’re simply a firm and astute business woman, don’t wear it. Even if it is hot pink. 🙂

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