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Mompreneur: making time for children and business

By Anasha K. Shakti on Feb 14 2011 • Filed under Mompreneurs at work

Take a break and spend with your children.

“Never, never, never give up!” – Winston Churchill

My son Amadeus has always known that entrepreneurship is the way. Though he has never seen me succeed at anything, he has watched me be successful. I started my entrepreneurial journey when he was a baby. I may have changed products and companies and names and strategies, but I have never given up on creating my own enterprise.

It has been 12 years since I began to walk the Mompreneur path, but I began my entrepreneurial journey when I was a child, watching my mom work on her business. She was a Mompreneur too, so I came by it honestly: it's in my blood. It has taken awhile, but I finally settled on a path that intrigues me and gets me to wake each morning in pure excitement. I could not have began this business until now, because I was not ready for it.

Over the Years

I've missed a lot of things in my son's life chasing entrepreneurship instead of being an entrepreneur. The fault lies in me. I could have made any of those businesses work if I had truly applied myself. I spent countless hours calling people and meeting people and going to group meetings. I spent countless hours reading and writing ads and creating a frenzy about whatever product I was marketing at the moment.

My son never got used to me not being there. Even when I was home I was absent from the mind, although I was there in body. I have never wanted to be broke, but I spent the better half of these 12 years struggling.

Time for Love

I'm speaking to new Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs: Make time, create time, there is time for your children! I am thankful that my son is 12 years old and still wants to spend time with his mom. I hear stories of many children being jaded by the time they are my son's age and they just do not care for their parents' attention anymore.

It is still hard for me to break myself away from business to spend time with my son or anyone else, but I make sure that this happens on a regular basis. It is not just good for my child, family and friends. It is good for me. It refreshes me. I can say that this has been the missing link in my entrepreneurial success over the years.

Refresh Recharge

Everyone needs time for refreshment and recharging. Being with family, friends and children is the most awesome way to recharge and go back into business the next day fresh, with new ideas and ready to make things happen. Eban Pagan said it best and I'll paraphrase. “Take two days off to disconnect from everything electronic and has to do with business and just have fun. Your best ideas will come from these days of disconnect.”

So what will you do for your two days off? I must admit that I have to start taking this advice. I love my business so much that I do not know how to take a day off. I do try to include my son in my business so that I can still have time with him. As a matter of fact I'm thinking of some cool new ideas while I am writing this article.

Including Amadeus

I include my son in my business decisions. This way my son is learning about business as he grows and it is a way for me to connect with my son rather than leaving him out. Of course he does not make the final decision, but he has some great ideas. I bet even your five-year-old has some great ideas. Children are simple and honest. I love it!

"I've missed a lot of things in my son's life chasing entrepreneurship…"

Now I am thinking that I can include him in my business a little bit more. I write e-books and create audios in the personal development field. Most of my e-books are really short. I can have him read them and critique them. This is great, because I do try to get him to read more. I'm not too hard on him about it, because my son is an artist and entertainer. It is I who is the reader.

You can come up with all types of unique ideas to include your children. I will not call my past a mistake, because it was a great learning experience. Children just don't come with instruction manuals. Parenting classes are perfunctory at best. You must mix up a style of parenting and entrepreneuring that works best for you. This is what I have learned to do. It is my hope that I am raising a young entrepreneur and that I get the bug in his blood, too.

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