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A Different Twist on Goal-Setting

By Karen Dodd on Feb 13 2011 • Filed under New Clients by Design

Should you make a to-do list, or a to-not-do list?

If you're like a lot of us this year, you've suddenly found yourself in February still having not written out your business and personal goals for the New Year. And to that I say, "Hallelujah!"

Don't misunderstand me, I've read that Harvard study that cites the 20 percent of those who set written goals and whom ended up collectively worth more than the entire 80 percent who didn't. I'm not sure that I believe it, but I've read it! I do believe in planning (to a degree) but I often think that, similar to New Year's resolutions, if you keep doing the same-old, same-old, why not change it up a little this year. You're already behind anyway, right?

I just want to ask you a very simple question: What is your "ONE thing?"

What is just one thing that you absolutely, positively, unconditionally have decided not to go into the New Year still doing? Alright, we're already here but you're not too late. What habit, self-limiting belief or mindset have you determined is not serving you well and that you are going to change, starting right now?

Perhaps it's:

  • Procrastinating on getting that one big project done that you know, if you just got it out there, would serve more people and make you more income
  • A mindset issue that you know is self-defeating and keeping you from your brilliance
  • Clutter in your home, office, or car that is messing up your mind and preventing you from thinking great thoughts
  • Not looking at your "numbers" each and every week and having a crystal clear view of how your business is doing
  • Not investing in yourself with a coach or mastermind (how can you expect your ideal clients to invest in you if you're not investing in youself?)

Your "one thing" is whatever you know (and you do, don't you?) that is keeping you from being the gorgeous, brilliant and amazing person that you were meant to be. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a list of goals and approaching them in a way that hasn't worked for you in the past, just pick ONE behavior or task – do it or change it – and I know it will pay off in spades.

Now, you may need some help in overcoming a self-defeating habit that you've been practicing for a long time. A coach, mentor or mastermind group can be extremely valuable in breaking through that impasse. Sometimes it's a mindset issue. Other times you actually need to acquire some more training to gain the skills you need to move forward.

For example, one of my new group coaching clients has all the inspiration and self-motivation she needs to move forward in her business, but she needs help in how to create a great "freebie" offer for her website. She also knows she wants to get her gifts out to more people than she has time for one-on-one, thus she needs to be taught how to create passive and leveraged income streams.

Remember, the fine art of "slight edge decision-making" is focusing not on quantum leaps but rather on the little things that, done consistently over time, add up to BIG results.

Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It:

  • Make a list of tasks, projects or behaviors that you have been putting off doing (or changing).
  • Are these things "should's" just because they're bugging you, or would taking action actually make a difference to your bottom line? Or less stress? Or a greater sense of joy?
  • Now, determine which one would give you the greatest return on investment (ROI). To arrive at your ROI think about what would take the least amount of effort (yes, sometimes that's okay!), that will cost the least to produce and that will give you the greatest profit. For example, if you've been putting off getting your message out to more people or you're burning yourself out seeing one-on-one clients, what could you package and sell from content you already have? (I.e. as a home study system or perhaps to teach in a group teleclass?)

"[What] is keeping you from being the gorgeous, brilliant and amazing person that you were meant to be?"

  • If your "one thing" is more of a limiting belief or mindset issue, ask yourself what do I want (vs. need) to change about myself that would allow me to move forward in my life or business? Look at the list above for ideas or come up with your own.

In this regard, I was at a recent networking event and the chairperson requested that as we introduced ourselves to the group, to give one word that was to be your theme this year. I was so inspired to hear at least fifty women share their theme and not one was repeated. Perhaps yours will be grace, change, compassion, patience, decisiveness…whatever.

So, that's your coaching assignment and I'm going to (lovingly) tell you: JUST DO IT! Until next time, remember to market authentically and attract New Clients by Design!

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