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Opening Doors of Opportunity with Feng Shui

By Terri Perrin on Jan 31 2011 • Filed under Life

Use Feng Shui principals to create welcoming entrance to your biz.

Does your business’ entrance say 'Welcome' or 'Nobody's Home?

The practice of Feng Shui is more than 3,000 years old, but its most basic principle – of recognizing that everything around us has energy – can easily be applied to the modern world. And, whether you run a home-based business or are an executive in a large corporation, there are simple ways you can use Feng Shui to improve your business, starting with your business entrance.

Perhaps you have dabbled in Feng Shui and found it too confusing or maybe you think it is based on superstition, religion or hocus-pocus and you are now considering running for your front door, rather than reading this article… bear with me! The school of Feng Shui that I study, practice and teach is none of the above. It is simple. It works. And it can work for you.

While honouring the ancient and traditional schools of Feng Shui, Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui was developed in the United States in the 1980s and it has been adapted to the North American way of life. As a result, most people find it easier to comprehend. You don’t need to know anything about compass directions, landforms or the alignment of the heavens to understand the basic principles of BTB Feng Shui. Let’s start with your business entrance.

According to BTB Feng Shui, your front door represents the mouth of ch’i – where energy enters your home and/or business. The windows are the eyes of ch’i. (Pronounced ‘chee’.) Your business entrance speaks volumes about you. Be sure it is giving the right message.

Start this exercise by standing outside your business entrance and asking yourself: ‘What does this door say about my business?’

Is your business entrance welcoming? Is it an image of prosperity, success and professionalism? Or are there faded ‘VISA accepted here!’ and BBB stickers stuck to the glass? Do you have one of those plastic ‘Open/Closed’ signs from the hardware store announcing your presence? Is there lots of clutter in and around the entrance? Does the door swing open freely and easily?

I recently went to a business that had a poster on the front door noting the date of the funeral for the original owner, who had died in 2008. Seriously! One would think that someone in the business should have recognized it was time to remove that image from the storefront. Talk about negative ch’i! A photograph and an ‘in memory of’ plaque somewhere inside the story would have been a better way to honour the company founder. Quite frankly, although I did go into this store, it gave me the creeps.

"Your business entrance speaks volumes about you. Be sure it is giving the right message."

Clean up your corporate image by removing all stickers, posters and hand-written signage. In today’s business world it is expected that you accept debit and credit cards. There is no need to advertise these services for the bank. If you want to support community events, do so on a bulletin board inside the store, not your front door or windows. Toss your ‘Open/Closed’ paper sign in the trash and invest in proper graphics to advertise your hours of operation or, if it is appropriate for your type of business, buy a red neon sign. (Certainly appropriate if you are selling pizzas or dry cleaning. If you are a lawyer or gynecologist, not so much!)

Also, consider that if you and your business associates are not using the formal front entrance to your business entrance every day, you may find that you are not open to new opportunities and your energy is stuck. It may be more convenient to park in the back and use an alternate entrance, but make the effort to open the front door as often as possible to invite energy – and opportunities – in.

Feng Shui tips to open the eyes and mouth of ch'i and invite new energy to your business:

  • Put out a welcome mat – preferably one with some red in it because red is a powerful ch’i enhancer

  • If appropriate, paint the door any shade of red or add red accents to attract energy

  • Hang a bell on the door to ‘ring in new business’

  • Ensure all doors, windows and screens are in good repair

  • If a window or door is meant to be opened, make sure it can be (I.e. not painted or nailed shut)

  • Ensure that the door swings open freely, without shoes, coat racks, etc. stored behind it

  • Regularly wash windows, screens and doors inside and out

  • Regularly sweep doorsteps and wipe off cobwebs

  • Make sure the doorbell, doorknobs and hinges all work

  • Ensure your mailbox is in good repair

  • Clean and/or repair any interior window coverings (they are the ‘eyelids’ of ch’i)

  • Open curtains and blinds daily to invite energy in

  • Trim any vegetation blocking windows, doors and pathways

  • Deadhead seasonal flowers and weed flowerbeds and planters

  • Unless it is a ‘Christmas in July Sale’, be sure to change seasonal decorations with the seasons

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